Afterschool Sports, Activities and Clubs

Riverside Campus Handbook 2019-2020

This handbook provides you with information that will help you become acquainted with the aims and objectives of the school, a brief overview of the curriculum as well as practical day-to-day information.

Afterschool Sports, Activities and Clubs

Afterschool Sports, Activities and Clubs

In order to cater to the social needs and interests of our community, the school runs an extensive after-school activities programme. Activities include competitive sports, as well as the arts, school publications and recreational pursuits. These are coordinated by the Athletics Director and Assistant Principal (Pastoral) and are overseen by the Director of Student Life.

Afterschool sports and activities run from 16:00 (after the end of school) to between 17:00 and 18:00 depending on the activity. Sports practices are usually held two afternoons a week during the season, while activities usually take place once per week. The competitive sports programme runs according to the seasons that are determined by our involvement in the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) and Sports Council of International Schools (SCIS) tournaments. However, the length of activities may vary; for example, activities such as MUN may meet increasingly as it heads to its major event in January just as the theatre group may have fewer rehearsals at beginning of year and more as it approaches its performance dates.

There is a core of sports and activities that will be offered and which represents the school’s yearly programme, but others are also offered if the demand is great enough and a sponsor, facility and coach are available. Teachers will announce starting dates for the various sports and activities at school assemblies and students should see activity leaders or coaches for enrolment.

Most sports competitions take place in Switzerland against other international schools and our seasons include the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) championships and Sports Council for International Schools (SCIS) tournaments. Students will only receive credit for participation in an afterschool sport or activity if they attend regularly and participate fully.

Most competitive sports have junior and senior levels. All sports have boys and girls teams except Boys Rugby and Girls Volleyball.

Our sports and activities:

  • Autumn (August to November): Soccer, Volleyball and Rugby
  • Winter (November to March): Basketball, Skiing and Swimming
  • Spring (March to May): Tennis, Track and Field and Golf

Our activities and clubs:

Art Club, Dance, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Film Club, Environmental Club, School Newspaper (The Eagle), Student Council, Theatre, Yearbook, Kayaking and Sailing. Students receive information on these clubs and their meeting hours during the first few weeks of school.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

The International Award is also referred to as “The Duke of Edinburgh Award” in countries, which have a National Award Association. The concept of this programme is one of individual challenge and encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to the community. Students cover four mandatory sections: Physical Recreation, Skills, Service and Adventurous Journey. They must also be prepared to spend at least one hour a week on their chosen activities, meet regularly with their activity coaches and partake in at least two weekend journeys.

This programme is in addition to regular school activities and it requires a full commitment and effort from the student. However, the Award may be used in conjunction with the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) requirement for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and will cover the school’s requirement for service learning.

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Student Charities and Fundraising

Each campus adopts its own charity to support and our students are given the opportunity to take initiative and gain a valuable sense of giving something back to the community, whether this is the local school community or wider national/ international community. All fundraising activities must be approved by the Head of Campus and scheduled in advance.