Campus Facilities and Services

Riverside Campus Handbook 2019-2020

This handbook provides you with information that will help you become acquainted with the aims and objectives of the school, a brief overview of the curriculum as well as practical day-to-day information.

Campus Facilities and Services


Outside of the lunch hours, students may use the cafeteria to relax. Students who need to meet in groups to study and talk should use the Dining Hall, as the library is a quiet study area. Students are permitted to eat and drink in the dining hall outside of lunch hours, but are requested to keep it clean and tidy.

Computer Rooms

The computer rooms at the Riverside Campus are primarily for our technology classes and then for those additional classes that book sessions in the rooms. When there are not classes in the rooms as well as during lunch and breaks, students are permitted to use the computers. However, at no time are students permitted to bring food or drink into the Computer Rooms. Students must abide by the school’s Responsible Use Policy within this Handbook.


The library opens from 08:30 in the morning and remains open until 17:00. The book collection contains fiction, non-fiction materials, periodicals and electronic information resources to support academic and recreational reading. Students, especially Grade 11 and 12 students, are expected to use the library on a regular basis. The school subscribes to numerous journals and magazines, supplemented by subscriptions to online databases so as to provide students with up-to-date and easily accessible research information. Our school librarian will be pleased to recommend reading material and assist with the location of materials for projects and research. Learning to use its resources is an integral part of class visits to the library in all subjects.

Students are not permitted to eat or drink in the library at any time and are requested to remain quiet in order to avoid distracting other students.


In August, every student at the Riverside Campus is offered a locker and locker keys. Keys require a CHF 20 deposit to cover the expense of a replacement key if the original is lost. If students misplace or lose their key, they must submit an additional CHF 20 deposit. Each locker is numbered and students are responsible for its care.

At no time should students place graffiti, stickers or other materials on them and any damage should be reported immediately.

Periodically and generally before major holidays, students must remove all contents from the locker areas so they can be cleaned. At the end of the year, students are responsible for cleaning their lockers and leaving them ready for another student to use.

Personal Property, Theft and the “Lost and Found”

The school cannot take responsibility for unattended personal property. Students are advised not to bring large sums of money or valuable personal property to school. If they must, they should keep these secure and locked in their lockers. The school accumulates a quantity of lost and found objects and it is advisable to label all personal property, especially clothes. Periodically, unclaimed items are given to charity and the dates for these donations will be announced in a school assembly and on Schoology.


We ask every person in our community to respect the environment, to be highly responsible for our wasteful by-products and to recycle. To encourage sensible recycling, we have placed recycling bins for paper in each classroom and additionally PET recycling bins for bottles are located throughout the school. All members of our community are asked to dispose of the appropriate rubbish whenever possible.

Gym and Field

Physical Education (PE) classes use the Sports Hall. Students may use it during lunch for recreational fun as long as they are under the supervision of the PE staff. So that this area stays in good condition for our athletic teams and physical education classes, the rules for use of the gym must be followed.

PE classes use the Sports Field. Students may use it during breaks and at lunch for recreational fun. So that this area stays in good condition food or drink are not allowed.

Visiting Students and Guests

Friends of our students may visit the school with the advance permission of the Head of Campus. However, visitors are kept to a minimum on campus and will generally not be allowed to attend lessons in order to prevent disruption and distraction in classrooms. All visitors and guests must sign-in at the school office upon arrival.