Riverside Campus Handbook 2019-2020

This handbook provides you with information that will help you become acquainted with the aims and objectives of the school, a brief overview of the curriculum as well as practical day-to-day information.


School Website:

The school has a website, which continues to become more and more interactive. It has developed into the primary method of communication throughout the school and features the most current information about ISZL and its community. We hope that the school website and its portals will become your chief sources of information. On the website, you will always find:

  • Calendar information
  • News from each campus
  • Schedules and results from the various sports teams
  • The school directory

Once a new student has been admitted to the school, parents will receive access to the portals of the school website and each parent receives his/her own personal login details. Please log onto the portal once you receive your password to verify your account information and make any necessary changes.

As soon as your child starts classes, each child and parent will receive a personal login for the student and parent portals. On the parent portal you will find the school directory as well as further important information. An overview of the different services on the website will be given to each parent at the beginning of the year.

Reports and notices are communicated electronically via the ISZL Report Card and Student Information Portal. Scheduled conferences between members of the staff and parents take place twice a year. As a parent, you will also be invited to school for special meetings on particular topics and selected informational meetings.

Parents can in turn communicate with the school via e-mail or the Schoology environment. The direct contact information for each staff member appears within the school directory on the parent portal.

ISZL Newsletter and High School Parent Bulletin

The school newsletter, sent monthly via e-mail keeps families apprised of relevant school information and celebrates whole school activities and events.

Every two weeks parents will receive a High School Parent Bulletin in which the Head of Campus provides reminders about all upcoming activities and events, and also important news and notes.

Because so much school information is communicated via e-mail, it is essential that ISZL has current addresses for every family. Should your e-mail address change, please ensure you update your account information on the parent portal of the website and inform the school office.

Channels of Communication

The teachers and administrators of the High School welcome contact with parents. Only when teachers or administrators are informed of a concern can they take steps to deal with it appropriately. When the school and parents work together, students benefit. Therefore, when you as a parent are concerned about something that happened at school, you are encouraged to follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1

If there is an issue or concern, communicate directly with the staff member involved. If you are unsure who to approach the following should serve as a guideline:

  • Subject Teacher: if you have concerns directly related to your child’s performance or progress in a specific subject.
  • Grade Level Leader or Counsellor: if you have concerns regarding the behaviour or emotional well-being of your child
  • Curriculum Coordinators: if you have general questions about the curriculum or programme of study your child is following
  • College Counsellor: if you have questions about the university admissions process and what steps to take to prepare for higher education
Step 2

If concerns still exist, you are then invited to contact the Assistant Principal, after informing the staff member that you intend to do so. You are also welcome to contact the Head of Campus.

Step 3

If a parental concern is not addressed sufficiently by the High School leadership, parents are invited to discuss their concerns with the Director. If you are unsure how to deal with a particular issue, please contact the Head of Campus or Assistant Principals for advice at any time.

How to make contact

It is possible to make direct contact with teachers by e-mail. All teachers have an e-mail address that follows the same format ( Alternatively, you can leave a message with the High School office staff:

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 041 768 29 50

Your message will be passed on to the teacher who will then contact you at their earliest convenience. Discussion can then take place via a phone call, e-mail or by setting up an appointment at a mutually agreeable time.

Teachers will make every effort to get back to you as quickly as possible but as a teacher’s day is very busy with students, it may take a day or two. Please be patient. It is important that parents do not make unannounced visits. If you make an appointment with your child’s teacher, he/she will be able to provide you with more time to adequately address any issues you may have.

All communication should be conducted in a mutually respectful manner in order to ensure the child’s wellbeing continues to be the priority. By working together, we can strengthen our commitment to excellence.

ISZL's Schoology environment

The Schoology environment provides a secure, closed environment in which teachers, parents and students can interact and communicate about day-to-day school activities via an easy-to-use social media style interface. All parents and students are provided with their own individual Schoology accounts. It can be accessed on any web browser and a mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Learning materials, class updates, due dates and more are shared through the Schoology environment. Students and parents can also use Schoology to communicate with teachers and vice versa. The Schoology environment is an integral part of learning and communication at ISZL and it is therefore important that all families are connected to and regularly use it.

If parents or students have questions regarding the Schoology environment, they should enquire with their homeroom or subject teacher.