Learning Support

Riverside Campus Handbook 2018-19

This handbook provides you with information that will help you become acquainted with the aims and objectives of the school, a brief overview of the curriculum as well as practical day-to-day information.

Learning Support

Our Programme

The Learning Support Team provides support for students who meet qualification criteria through psychoeducational or neuropsychological testing which would be completed in partnership with the head of student support services and an educational or neuropsychologist as approved by the head of student support services.

Once eligibility has been determined, students are assigned a case manager who is responsible for facilitating the creation of an Individualised Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP is created in collaboration with the student, parents, teachers, administrators, counsellors and other relevant members of the team. The ILP documents the necessary supports and strategies for student success. It includes suggested accommodations and modifications as well as goals and services.

Service is provided in the form of in-class and/or out of class support on an individual or small group basis during available periods or when a course has been dropped to provide time for learning support sessions.

Students receiving learning support may be considered for curriculum adaptations determined by the Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) team and documented in their ILP. Adaptations may be in the form of accommodations or modifications.

An accommodation is defined as anything that allows the student to access the curriculum. It does not change the assessment grading criteria and does not need to be reflected in reports or transcripts. Some examples of accommodations include: use of a calculator, small group testing, more time and shortened assignments. Modifications change the assessment criteria. Modifications need to be reflected in the transcripts and require permission from the high school head of campus and head of student support services.

Students receiving modifications may qualify for an alternative graduation pathway. The head of student support services, in consultation with the student, parents, subject teachers, learning support team, school counsellors, nurse (when applicable) and high school leadership will further determine if a student is eligible. If approved, the student’s transcript will document the alternative graduation pathway.