Campus Facilities and Services

Zug Campus Handbook 2018-19

This handbook provides you with information that will help you become acquainted with the aims and objectives of the school, a brief overview of the curriculum as well as practical day-to-day information.

Campus Facilities and Services

Campus Buildings

The school is located in seven main areas:

  • Albis Building: Grade 2, Grade 4, Nurse’s Office, English as an Additional Language (EAL), Learning Support, the Albis Gym, the Staff Nursery and the office of Kyle Hawkins, Assistant Principal (Grades 2 – 5)
  • Baarburg Building: Middle School classrooms, Middle School Science laboratories, Theatre, Rigi Gym
  • Old School House: Early Years 1
  • Pilatus Building: Grade 5, Lunchroom and Middle School Art Room
  • Rigi Building: Early Years 2, Kindergarten, Grade 1, German classrooms, EAL, Learning Support, Music rooms, Art rooms, Lost and Found and the office of Michelle Hill, Assistant Principal (Early Years - Grade 1)
  • Wettinger House: Library, Grade 5, Middle School Technology, EAL, Learning Support, the School Office and Counsellor’s Office
  • Zugerberg Building: Grade 3, Learning Support, Speech and Language Therapist’s Office
  • Hard Surface and Artificial Grass Field: Students use these areas during break and lunch for recreation. Football, basketball, other games and the climbing frame are some of the recess activities.

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The library generally opens from 08:30 in the morning and remains open until 16:45. The book collection contains fiction and non-fiction materials, periodicals and electronic information resources to support academic and recreational reading. Students are encouraged to use it on a regular basis.

ISZL subscribes to numerous journals and magazines, supplemented by subscriptions to online databases so students have access to up-to-date and easily accessible research information. Our school librarians will be pleased to recommend reading material and assist with the location of materials for projects and research.

Learning to use the library’s resources is an integral part of class visits to the library.

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Lost and Found / Lost Property

Please remember that this is a large school with more than 800 children on campus, so be sure to clearly label all your children’s belongings. Please mark your child’s name in all of his or her clothes, shoes, boots and school items.

Lost and Found is located on the top floor of the Rigi Building. It is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 08:30 to 09:00. Please contact your child’s teacher to enquire about lost items. Please check the items as often as possible, even if you do not think that your child has lost anything.

The school organises a Lost and Found clear out towards the end of each semester. Please check the school newsletter and website for details. Items not collected by the end of a term will be donated to a local charity.

Lockers in the Middle School

Every student in Middle School has his or her own locker. Each locker is numbered and students are responsible for their care. Students are not permitted to place stickers or other material on the exterior. Any damage to lockers should be reported immediately.

At the end of the year, students are responsible for cleaning their lockers and leaving them free from any rubbish, books or graffiti. Lockers generally require a small padlock and students should use a combination lock as this removes the problem of lost or forgotten keys. We recommend that students wait to see their locker before purchasing their padlock.

Hot Lunches and Bring Food from Home

Lunch for students is prepared on the school premises by our professional kitchen team and is available every school day. To enrol in the lunch programme, parents must complete the enrolment form, which is available on the parent portal section of school website (

Payment for the lunch programme is per term and not for single lunches. Families will not be reimbursed or credited for missed meals on sick days or holidays taken that are not accounted for in the school schedule. Packed lunches will be provided for official school trips and events which make it not possible to have lunch on campus. Please contact to the Food and Beverage Manager, Wolfgang Stuchly, at for further information.

Lunches and drinks brought from home should be in a reusable, unbreakable container such as lunchboxes, tupperware or similar. All waste from packed lunches will be sent home.

In addition to sweets, children are asked not to bring fizzy drinks or drinks in boxes or tetra packs. Children have a snack break in the morning and yoghurt, fruit or any kind of vegetable would be welcome.

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We live in a world increasingly sensitive about the waste we cause and fortunately, we live in a country highly responsible for its wasteful by-products and recycling. We ask every person in our community to respect the environment. To encourage sensible recycling, we have placed recycling bins for paper in each classroom and additionally recycling bins for plastic bottles are located throughout the school. All members of our community are asked to dispose of their rubbish appropriately.