Student Support Services Team

Zug Campus Handbook 2021-22

This handbook provides you with information that will help you become acquainted with the aims and objectives of the school, a brief overview of the curriculum as well as practical day-to-day information.

Student Support Services Team

Both the PYP and MYP focus on the development of the whole student, to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in our modern fast-changing world, and place particular emphasis on critical thinking and international understanding. Both programmes embrace the skills and knowledge of the traditional school disciplines but emphasise the inter-relatedness in understanding globally significant concepts and socially responsible action.

The Student Support Services Team or SSST (Learning Support, EAL, Counselling and Nursing Teams) works in collaboration with classroom teachers to support students with various needs. It aims to increase independent access to the curriculum.

The role of the SSST includes:

  • Directing interventions for students with the focus of increasing independent success and maximum growth within the programme
  • Advocating for students and encouraging student self-advocacy
  • Educating students, parents/guardians and teachers about a student’s educational profile
  • Supporting subject/classroom teachers to ensure students’ needs are being addressed in the classroom
  • Communicating student progress and strategies to the parents/guardians to bridge the home-to-school connection
  • Meeting regularly with teachers, parents/guardians and school leadership to monitor, adjust and revise support as needed
  • Sourcing extra support as and when a student need is identified

For further information regarding the SSST please see the Student Support Services Team Handbook.