Board of Trustees

ISZL's Board of Trustees

As the custodian of ISZL’s future, the Board of Trustees ensures the long-term stability and success of the School. It adopts a clear statement of the School's mission, vision, and strategic goals, and establishes policies and plans consistent with this statement. This is achieved in close collaboration with the School’s Director.  The Board is in charge of the supervision of the Director, and the Director has full operational control of the School, assisted by the School’s Leadership Team.

The Board is self-perpetuating and seeks diversity in membership that reflects a broad range of expertise in a number of areas, including finance, marketing, facilities, governance, and human resources, as well as diversity in terms of nationality, perspective and experience.  All new members to the Board undertake training, and the Board holds an annual retreat to discuss key strategies.

The Board meets at least four times a year and operates in five standing committees: Governance, Facilities, Finance and Audit, Fundraising, and Professional Growth. The ISZL Director is a non-voting member of the Board and an ex-officio member of all committees.

The specific responsibilities of the Board are to:

  • Hire the Director and work supportively and cooperatively with the Director, assisting him where required and monitoring the Director’s performance against specific goals
  • Regularly ensure there is an appropriate Strategic Plan in place, the results of which are systematically monitored and evaluated
  • Develop, establish and review policy
  • Monitor the School’s financial condition to ensure the School has the resources it needs, through prudent financial management and fundraising
  • Ensure the School’s facilities meet the needs of an outstanding School and the School’s programmes
  • Organise and manage the Board’s work through setting annual goals and conducting annual evidence-based evaluation of the Board’s work and that of the Director

The ISZL Board works to build consensus in a congenial manner characterised by trust, teamwork, mutual respect, flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness in the face of the ever-changing realities, resources and needs of a world-class international school.

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