Strategic Plan

As a world leader in international education, our motivated students will have the skills, empathy, resilience and ambition to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a changing world.

In 2015, Board members, parents, administration and staff came together to discuss the vision and direction of the school to create a guiding document to define our 5 year institutional goals. Focus groups and facilitated meetings provided venues for discussions related to education and learning, students, staff, marketing and development, finance, leadership and governance, and facilities.

As you read through this plan, we hope that you will see evidence of our commitment to providing excellence here at ISZL – both now and in the future. An outstanding teaching staff, carefully planned curriculum and first-rate facilities will help us achieve our goals and foster international understanding in a friendly and caring atmosphere in the heart of central Switzerland.

Vision for School Ethos and Culture

At the International School of Zug and Luzern students are guided by an ethos of respect, care and spiritual well-being.

This ethos will promote a culture with a strong sense of pride in all we do and represent; a culture in which the community is motivated to strive for the best, reach out, support and engage with our own and other communities; a culture in which personal involvement is desired by all and high achievement is valued; a culture in which international mindedness is promoted, all nationalities, races and religions are fully respected and people seek to understand and celebrate the differences of individuals; a culture in which individuals are valued and their full potential can be achieved through the holistic and high quality education to which they are exposed.

All campuses of ISZL share the same guiding ethos, and strive to promote and maintain the culture described above.

Reflection On Our Achievements In The Last 5 Years

  • Successful consolidation of the school merger
  • Established ISZL as one of Europe’s leading international schools
  • Accreditation by CIS and NEASC
  • Re-authorisation from the International Baccalaureate Organisation
  • Alignment to a whole school curriculum
  • Opening a new triple gymnasium at the Riverside Campus and developing the sports field
  • Introduction of a student Code of Conduct
  • Accumulation of institutional financial reserves
  • Publication of an annual report and school magazine to all stakeholders
  • New school website for the 2013-14 school year
  • Introduction of the Virtual Learning Environment
  • Successful fundraising campaigns launched, raising over CHF 13 million towards school facility projects
  • Establishment of a Security Committee and subsequent issue of a Crisis Manual
  • Opening of Riverside Campus Art Factory
  • Expansion of the ISZL Board of Trustees
  • Growth in student numbers across all grades
  • New playground and play area at Zug Campus

Central Goal

As a world leader in international education, our motivated students will have the skills, empathy, resilience and ambition to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a changing world.

Teaching and Learning

Students engage with innovative teaching and learning practices that empower them to become adaptable and motivated learners, able to make the most of all opportunities to achieve their personal goals.


  • Develop a concept based, differentiated and holistic curriculum
  • Continue to refine pedagogical practices for our students to engage effectively with our curriculum
  • Ensure that the ISZL culture, guided by the Mission Statement and the Vision for Ethos and Culture remains at the heart of teaching and learning
  • Employ, develop and retain outstanding teachers and support staff from diverse cultural backgrounds, who share the mission of ISZL
  • Continue to develop differentiated assessment strategies that are meaningful, motivational and drive teaching and learning

Learning Environment

ISZL is an exceptional learning village where every individual belongs and flourishes.


  • Investment decisions will be informed by systematically investigating and understanding current research around teaching and learning resources
  • By clear articulation and review of our needs, we ensure that the facilities enhance teaching and learning, and our community spirit
  • Investments will be flexible, adaptive, financially responsible, sustainable and in alignment with our pedagogical approaches and student needs
  • Develop the plans and provide resources to promote student and community wellbeing
  • Ensure that health and safety practices and procedures are systematically researched, reviewed and implemented

Finance and Risk Management

Sustain a solid financial platform to support the school’s mission and continued development, achieve fiscal independence and be prepared to respond to a dynamic environment.


  • Continue to strengthen the capital base of the school through operating reserves, financing, fundraising, endowments and other sources of funding
  • Develop and monitor a comprehensive set of internal and external indicators of risk for informed decision making
  • Create and allocate sufficient funds to meet the needs of planned facilities developments on the Zug Campus


Through strategic leadership further develop a dynamic, accountable and committed professional learning community that works to realise the school’s stated goals.


  • Promote and maintain ISZL’s status as a leading provider of international education on a local and global platform
  • Ensure ISZL Board members model best practice in international school governance and undertake regular governance training
  • Develop strategies to recruit and retain outstanding staff
  • Implement systems for ongoing development and appraisal for all employees at ISZL
  • Develop tools to measure the successful implementation of the mission of ISZL


Ensure that the unique quality, vision and values of an ISZL education and experience are dynamically communicated and recognised.


  • Identify and capitalise on opportunities to promote ISZL as a leader in education and the international school of choice in central Switzerland
  • Utilise innovative channels to engage with existing and potential stakeholders and partners
  • Build on existing relationships and identify new partners to support the school’s strategic ambitions
  • Maintain and enhance the positive ISZL brand