Admission Guidelines and Policy


Serving our Community

The International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) serves the educational needs of the international communities of Zug, Luzern, Zurich and Central Switzerland.

ISZL welcomes applications from students who will benefit from a challenging, international English-language education, which prepares them for Higher Education.

Whilst our main intake of students is in August, admissions are accepted throughout the year, contingent on a place being available. Prospective students are assessed on their previous school academic record and their potential for growth at our school.


Priority Placement Policy

During periods when the capacity of the school is insufficient to accommodate all qualified students who seek enrolment, the school operates a priority placement protocol as follows:

  1. Families with current or past connections to ISZL
    1. The student is a sibling of a current student.
    2. The student is a returning student who was previously enrolled at ISZL within the last 3 years.*
    3. Children of alumni
  2. Corporate sponsorship of the student is covered by a Corporate Partnership Agreement (CPA)
    (If you or your company are interested in finding out more about CPAs, please contact the Admissions office)
  3. The applicant is an international student not currently schooled in Central Switzerland
  4. All other applicants, including Swiss nationals, based on the availability of educational alternatives and date of application.

* This is subject to a complete set of application papers being submitted by 1st March of the proposed year of entry to ISZL.


Age and Grade Level

It is the policy of ISZL to place a student into their age specific grade based on the age of the pupil on August 31 of the academic year in question. Minimum age requirements for the relevant grade entry are as follows:


Early Years 1NurseryNursery3 years old
Early Years 2Pre-KReception4 years old
KindergartenKindergartenYear 15 years old
Grade 1Grade 1Year 26 years old
Grade 2Grade 2Year 37 years old
Grade 3Grade 3Year 48 years old
Grade 4Grade 4Year 59 years old
Grade 5Grade 5Year 610 years old
Grade 6Grade 6Year 711 years old
Grade 7Grade 7Year 812 years old
Grade 8Grade 8Year 913 years old
Grade 9Grade 9Year 1014 years old
Grade 10Grade 10Year 1115 years old
Grade 11Grade 11Year 1216 years old
Grade 12Grade 12Year 1317 years old

Students 19 years or older are not normally admitted to ISZL

English Language

At ISZL, all of our classes are conducted in English and for entry into Grade 8 and above there are English Language proficiency admission requirements.

  • Grades 8 & 9: Students must be able to demonstrate at least intermediate proficiency in English
  • Grade 10: Students must be able to demonstrate at least an advanced intermediate proficiency in English.
  • Grades 11 & 12: Students must give evidence of near-native English proficiency

All new students applying to Grades 8 to 12, whose first language is not English, may be required to sit an English Language Assessment prior to their confirmation of acceptance at ISZL.

Learning Support

All ISZL campuses provide support for students with recognised mild to moderate learning support needs. The school provides up to four periods a week of support including in-class assistance or student withdrawal for individual or small group instruction(s).

New students applying to ISZL who have recognised learning support needs are required to submit relevant documentation at time of application, including copies of previous educational psychologist reports and other formal assessments, which need to be translated into English if applicable. Such applications are reviewed by the ISZL Learning Support Department and, if it is deemed that with the designated periods of support a student is unable to successfully access the curriculum, then admission to ISZL may be denied.

Learn more about ISZL's Learning Support Programme.