60th Anniversary





Dear Visitor,

Welcome to these pages, which are dedicated to the 60th year of the ISZL journey. From a small tutor group for the children of an American motor company, our school has grown and evolved since 1961 to become a centre of excellence for international learning. In these pages, we celebrate that story and look forward to the next 60 years and an exciting future ahead for our school.

Step back in time on our History tab, which has a wealth of pictures and important dates for ISZL, including the merger with the Riverside School. The haircuts and clothing choices may change, but as I look back at ISZL’s history, I see many similarities with our school’s way of life today. 

In the Stories section, you can hear from those who previously attended ISZL and continue to be a part of our community. Suzanne Spoerri returned to ISZL as a parent in 2020, and Robert Gottschalk remains in Zug and has fond memories of his time at the Zug Anglo-American School (which eventually became ISZL)

This site links to our ISZL Alumni page, and if you are reading and are one of our former pupils, we’d be very pleased to hear from you and find out how you are getting on. Email alumni@iszl.ch to connect with our Alumni Coordinator.

We are proud of ISZL and grateful for our longstanding relationship with Canton Zug, an appreciated and vital partner in our commitment to make the world - or our corner of it - a better, kinder place. As we look ahead to the next 60 years, we hope to send our students out into the world with empathy, curiosity, and confidence, as global citizens who will always hold Zug as a special place in their memories and hearts. 

Barry Dequanne

Message from Dan Urech, Chair, ISZL Board of Trustees

The International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) is one of the leading international schools and contributes significantly to Zug's first-class infrastructure. Thanks in part to the ISZL, the level of education in the Canton of Zug is one of the highest in Europe. As the Zug economic region has a large pool of highly qualified talent, it exerts a magnetic effect on multinational companies and international professionals. Therefore, access to a high quality and internationally recognised school education is important for their relocation to our region. Like the ISZL, the Canton of Zug stands for stability and its success is based on a long-term development strategy. We are very proud and pleased that ISZL and its families have been shaping our region for 60 years and that we have a close partnership.

Beat Bachmann,
Head, Economic Promotion of canton of Zug

Securing a good school place is usually at the top of any list for families relocating to Zug and the surrounding area. An English speaking accredited International Baccaluareate school such as ISZL is highly desirable. Families feel comfortable that their children will be provided with a high quality education that will enable them to move easily to any other IB school worldwide, and achieve top University places. ISZL has an amazing community feeling and active Parents Association, enabling new families to feel well supported, and settle quickly into Swiss life.

Emma Mason,
Swiss Relocation Consultant

ISZL has been such an important part of our lives during our five years in Switzerland. My boys were happy at school from their first day and enjoyed a wonderful time there with friendly and welcoming staff and pupils. The IB curriculum invoked lots of group work and a focus on the outside world and was supplemented with so many extra activities and experiences, the highlight of which were trips to the school’s chalet in the mountains.  In international school style, they made friends from Singapore, South Africa, Lithuania and Chile in an open and welcoming school community. The school also provided many opportunities for parents to volunteer within school, get involved with clubs and activities and socialise to meet other families. Happy 60th Anniversary ISZL and looking forward to seeing your future plans and developments!

Jo Walpole,
Former Parent