Community and Service

Making a Difference

Community service is a key part of ISZL’s curriculum as we want our students to be responsible world citizens. Our students engage in service projects ranging from fundraising to hands-on involvement with service agencies. They gain insight into the problems faced by others less fortunate and the satisfaction of knowing that they may have made a difference by giving their time, energy and sometimes financial support.

ISZL associates with a limited number of official charities, so that our community is not overwhelmed by frequent requests and our efforts can have maximum impact.

The charities Nawa Asha Griha (NAG), Cedar Foundation and KidsHeart receive the support of our entire student body, while our efforts with Kids of Africa are carried out solely by Zug Campus students. Students in Grades 11 and 12 also participate in Personal Development Week (PDW) trips each September that are designed to support specific communities around the world that need assistance. The feedback from our students and faculty best explain the benefits of our service learning efforts:



Nawa Asha Griha (NAG)

All School Principal Charity
NAG provides shelter and education for street children in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I was one of the lucky people that travelled to Nepal and experienced NAG for myself. The unbridled enthusiasm for life that exuded from every teacher, student, nurse and employee was truly infectious and I found myself leaving NAG with a newfound optimism for the world.
Isobel H, High School Student

Participating in a grounds-up organisation not only allows students to see the impact that NAG has, but also the importance of directly reaching people in need. The value of NAG to our students is proven by their return after graduating to contribute and learn with the wonderful people there.
Michael Neil, High School Teacher

The Cedar Foundation

All School European Charity

The Cedar Foundation improves the lives of orphans in Bulgaria by supporting orphanages and finding family-based care alternatives.

Our partnership is running into its sixth year and in that time we have raised around CHF 75,000. We have built multi-sensory rooms, playgrounds and sustainable gardens, as well as decorated the living spaces of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. The experience helps us appreciate the privileges we have, and to use these privileges wisely and in ways that can support others as well as ourselves.
Stuart Byfield, Middle Student Assistant Principal


All School Local Charity

The aim of KidsHeart is to provide defibrillation equipment to all schools in Switzerland.

I think it is really important to do the Red & Pink fundraising day for KidsHeart because heart problems could happen to anyone at anytime and it is great that we have a way to help.
Grade 5 Student

It is wonderful to see children making connections and identifying the work that is done by our school charities. These experiences can raise the childrens’ awareness of important causes and provide them with a sense of empowerment, knowing that they can act intentionally to change the world.
Kyle Hawkins, Primary School Assistant Principal

Kokrobite Chiltern Centre

High School Personal Development Week Charity
The Centre supports children in Ghana so that they are able to attend school.

By going to Kokrobite, we change the world in some small way. We have built classrooms and water cisterns out of PET bottles, invented new frame systems for malaria nets, designed playgrounds and introduced solar water sterilisation systems. However, the biggest and longest-lasting changes happen inside of us. No one who goes there comes back unchanged.

Christopher Koch, High School Teacher

What sets this PDW programme apart from others is that the people there are extremely aware of the change they can make through initiatives such as building a PET bottle cistern. If the mentality of ‘making a change’ can be maintained amongst the population, it is possible that parts of the poverty cycle in Kokrobite can be broken. I am proud of the foundations that we have built.
Geert S, High School Student

Kids of Africa

Zug Campus Charity

Kids of Africa gives a home and an education to orphans and children without families in Uganda.

We are supporting Kids of Africa to help provide adequate education and improve the living standards of many children. Through looking into the lives of the less privileged and striving to improve them, we realise how fortunate we are and how we should treasure every moment of our lavish lives.

Polina, Shira and Guillaume, Grade 8 Students

At this relatively young age, our students are hugely impressive in both their commitment and compassion, driving towards the success of their projects. Following an inspirational meeting with the Founder, Burkhard Varnholt, this year's group has elected to help with the development of the small Nkosi Island school and a desperately needed new school in northern Uganda.
Elizabeth Jewitt, Middle School Teacher