Meet Our Alumni

Meet Our ISZL Alumni!

Our Alumni Community is for graduates, alumni students, former parents and former employees. This includes those who attended the Zug American School, the Zug Anglo-American School, the International School of Zug, The Riverside School, the International School of Luzern, and of course, the International School of Zug and Luzern. Join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups to connect online and attend our events to connect in person.

Eagles in the Spotlight

Many alumni and alumnae of ISZL have gone on to do amazing things. We are proud to celebrate their accomplishments and success.
Catrine B. ’02, The Riverside School
Helena M. '17
Jess R. '05, The Riverside School
Joelle G. '08, ISOZ
Jari K. '14
James S. '10
Josie W. '14
Ela S. '16
Meghan M. '13
Lui H., Alumna Parent and PA President, 1999-2003
Diana B. '10
Sophie T. '07, ISOZ
Stan L. '10
Maximilian G. '07, The Riverside School
Sebastian V. '12
Oliver O. '14
Elowyn S. '09
Mr Jones, Riverside School Head of Campus, 2007-2010
Simeon P. ’12
Joy P. '10
The Reber Family's Cow
Hannah G. '11
Anne-Marie M. '09
Dr. Klejda B. '95, The Riverside School
Sebastian A. '09, The Riverside School
Mr Walsh, ISZL Middle School Assistant Principal, 2009-2012
Sarah C., Zug Anglo-American School, 1975-1978
Dr. Natalie K. '97, The Riverside School
Philip A. '08, The Riverside School

Global Ambassadors

ISZL’s community extends beyond Switzerland through those alumni who represent the school at their university or in their area of the world as Global Ambassadors. Our ambassadors serve as contacts for students considering their next steps after ISZL and for those moving to a new area of the world.

Alumni Voices

Read reflections from our alumni community about their experience at ISZL and the memories they cherish from their time at our school.

Silke Lemmens

During my time at ISZL, I enjoyed being part of the Track and Field team, both in Middle and High School. Over the years the team offered me flexibility towards my own training schedule, which I very much appreciated.

Oliver Ranger

At ISZL I remember feeling that I was part of a big family where everyone wanted everyone to succeed in one way or another...

Jo-Anna Wagenaar

Being from the Netherlands, we valued connecting with families at ISZL from our home country, but also really appreciated the multiculturalism of the school community....

Giorgiana Theiler

ISZL is a lively happy place and feels like a home away from home. I was a student at ISZL from Grades 3 to 12, and I look back at my time at ISZL as ...

Nikola Ilisevic

The Personal Development Week (PDW) experiences are something I will never forget. Each school year I was able to take a trip...

Nicole Palmour

One of the things I like most about ISZL is the sense of community you feel when you join the school. You are greeted with...

The Buy Family

Switzerland was our first experience of living abroad as a family and from the moment our son Jack joined ISZL in Early Years programme we were made to feel really welcome by the school and its community. Jack had...

Allison Teves

My children joined ISZL when my daughter Sofia was in Grade 5 and my son Anthony was starting Grade 1. We were all nervous, but also excited for our new adventure! Anyone who has ever been a part of ...

The Campbell Family

ISZL allows children to be children and to learn at their own pace. They see positives in everyone, which enables children to flourish and become confident individuals...

The Didocha Family

As a parent, some of the stress of moving is wondering if your children will be “OK.” When our children started at ISZL, a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. They really liked their teachers and ...

Christie Worrell

Our kids came to ISZL from pretty competitive preparatory schools in the US and the UK, so our view when we arrived was that ISZL had a lot to live up to.  I can now say that we would not trade ...

Anjeli Kruytbosch

Going to High School at ISZL was such an incredible experience. I was living in the most beautiful country in the world and I was constantly interacting with ...

Gina Bolognesi

ISZL was a second family and home to me. The students and teachers are an amazing, supportive community. They shaped who I am and who want to become for the better...