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Hannah G. '11

Hannah G. went from serene Switzerland to big city New York to complete her degree at the Pratt Institute. She shares about her experience there, what she misses about Switzerland and why she's excited for what comes next. 

UPDATE January 2016: Hannah is currently living back in Switzerland and recently took part in photo16 at the Maag Hallen in Zurich where over 26,000 people were able to see her work.

How did you find Pratt?
I first heard about Pratt when I was looking up art schools in New York. I also looked at Parsons and SVA. I decided to do a summer programme at Pratt before my senior year at ISZL. I fell in love with the school that month – the programmes, the students, and the great location in Brooklyn only a short train ride from Manhattan. And despite being in an urban setting, the campus is very green and has a relaxed vibe.

What's been your favourite experience there?
I’ve seen some great concerts and discovered amazing thrift stores, especially in Brooklyn, but so far my favourite experience was when I developed film and printed a photograph for the first time. It was a new world for me. My photo class has been going well and I have a really knowledgeable professor. It’s a lot of hard work, though, especially when you consider that we are supposed to be doing a minimum of six hours of homework a day!

Was it hard to leave Switzerland and move overseas?
It was weird moving because I was born in Switzerland and grew up there and had some of the same friends since Kindergarten. It was tough to leave at first but, honestly, I haven’t really been too homesick. I miss the Alps and I’ll miss them even more once snowboarding season comes around. I miss the little things from Switzerland – the bread, even the tap water! There is so much going on here in New York with work and meeting all these new and amazing people. I’ve been distracted and have started to settle in and feel comfortable here.

What’s next for you?
I just got through all my midterm exams and critiques. They went well but I’m glad they’re over. Now it’s a priority just to keep up with work and not forget to take it easy and celebrate. I have a big project in my drawing class about perspective drawing that I’m excited about.

What's your favourite art project you're working on these days?
In my photo class our next assignment is to shoot 2 rolls of film of whatever we want and 2 rolls of street photos. I’m excited to shoot for the open assignment because I’m planning on using my Diana F Lomography camera (a retro film camera) and play around with double exposures and my fisheye lens.


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