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Meghan M. '13

Ever had the perfect idea come to you but not at the perfect time? Meghan M. ’13 recently had just such an experience. She was hit with a great idea for a Broadway-style show, but it wasn’t until September 2015 that she discovered the perfect opportunity to turn her writing into a full-on production.

"Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear."
The idea for Meghan’s musical first came to her one night when driving with her music on shuffle. The Script’s "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" came on which is about how a guy's girlfriend breaks up with him and leaves him heartbroken. He returns to the corner where he first saw her and waits there for her until she comes back. “I really love this song, as I think it tells a beautiful story. That night in my car I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, that would make a great musical!’ I brainstormed a lot about it but it never really came to anything because I found it too hard to write the songs to go with the story.” But good ideas don’t just disappear…

An opportunity presents itself
In September 2015, Meghan started at Queen’s University and joined the Queen's Students on Broadway Club. The aim of the club is to produce musicals by using original student-written scripts and existing Broadway songs. Before the winter break, the club sought a writer for their winter term show. Immediately, Meghan thought of her "Man Who Can't Be Moved" show and decided to apply for the gig. “I never thought I would get it, as I had never written a play before,” Meghan shares, but little did she know…

For the application, writers had to submit some writing samples of previous works and Meghan submitted the short novel she had written for her Grade 10 Personal Project. “I got called in for an interview and explained to the leaders of the club my idea for the show. A couple days later I was told that I had landed the gig and couldn't believe it. I then spent my winter break back in Switzerland writing the show,” Meghan says.

Making an idea a reality
As she’s a huge Broadway fan, Meghan had a great time picking out her favorite songs to go with the show. Some of which include:

  • Another Day - Rent
  • Big Spender - Sweet Charity
  • Single - The Wedding Singer
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams - American Idiot
  • Ten Minutes Ago - Cinderella

In March 2016 the show went up for three nights and you can bet that Meghan was there for every single show. It’s quite rewarding to see your idea brought to life! When thinking about the whole experience, Meghan says, “It was amazing and I was really happy that the director and actors turned my script into exactly what I had wanted - a light, funny and heart-warming story about the endurance of love.”

What the show is about
The Man Who Can't Be Moved is about a guy called Danny whose girlfriend leaves him because he had turned from a street busker into a corporate lawyer who never pays attention to her anymore. After she leaves him, he returns to the street corner where they first met and stays there for over half a year. Whilst there, he meets an array of characters. His two single guy friends pay him many visits trying to convince him to move on with his life and go pick up girls with them; he gets hit on by a stripper who he rejects but she ends up pouring her heart out to him; he meets a low-income New Yorker who tries to put his problems into perspective and ends up marrying the stripper; a news reporter who interviews him about his refusal to move from the street corner which gets him famous on TV; and a couple who occasionally pass by constantly fighting. In the end, his girlfriend sees him on TV and comes back to the corner. After a romantic duet they are back together and all is well.

Congratulations on a job well done and here’s to your amazing success, Meghan!


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