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Sophie T. '07, ISOZ

Sophie T. attended our school from Grade 3 to Grade 8 back when it was called the International School of Zug (ISOZ). She is now the Managing Partner at invisibobble, a highly successful international hair product company based in Munich. Sophie gave a TED talk about her experience at TEDxKEA and graciously offered to present to our high school students as well. Thank you Sophie for coming to share with us! Watch Sophie's talk here.


When we spoke with Sophie she told us how some of her experiences at ISOZ have helped her with starting an international business. “When you attend an international school, you become part of the ‘third culture kid’ community. You don’t belong anywhere, but you belong everywhere at the same time. This has taught me how to relate with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. I was at a dinner with 15 people that I didn’t know. By the end of the night, we realized that each of us had at least one friend in common. It’s amazing how connected this world really is.” Sophie also values her friendships she made at ISOZ, many of which continue today. In fact, Grace F. ’07, ISOZ works at invisibobble with Sophie and other classmates from their time at ZIS.

Sophie remembers her time at ISOZ as being a lot of fun. She was on nearly every sports team, completed the Bronze for the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and enjoyed classes with Ms Jewitt and Dr Gray. “His lessons were always funny but still very informative,” Sophie reflects.

While studying Business at the University of Warwick, Sophie found herself starting invisibobble while juggling her studies. The experience led her to consider whether the “traditional career plan” many of us follow really is the best option for someone wanting to start a business. Her talk “analyses how we can possibly work our way around [the idea of a traditional career plan] if we have an entrepreneurial spirit and eventually wish to start our own business.”

In the future, she hopes to continue to expand her business, share her experience and inspire women in business.

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