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The Reber Family's Cow

How a cow can keep your best Swiss memories close to home

Moving away from Switzerland can be a very emotional experience, as many of our alumni already know. Having to leave all your friends, the beautiful mountain views and tasty cheese is a memory sometimes better left forgotten than remembered! One alumni family found the perfect way to bring their best Swiss memories back to America with them on a cow.

“Instead of a farewell card our friends could sign, we opted for a farewell cow,” says proud cow owner alumnus parent M. Reber.

The cow statue was bought on “the eBay of Switzerland” ricardo.ch and then the Reber Family had her painted with weatherproof auto body paint to look as if she was always ready to celebrate Swiss National Day.

The Reber’s friends received an invitation to sign the cow statue at their goodbye BBQ and garage sale.

After the signing, the signed cow statue got a UV clear coat to protect the ink from the sun and was prepared for shipping.

“When she arrived in New Hampshire, USA, the moving guys were a little surprised,” Mr Reber shares. The Rebers then poured some concrete and got their cow perfectly situated in her new pasture – their front yard. She is just as happy in her new home as she was in Switzerland – something we hope for all our alumni no matter where they go after ISZL.

The Rebers say that “in the winter she looks more like a Swiss buffalo than a cow”, but is still a great way to keep their Swiss memories close to home.

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