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Fundamental to the ongoing success and happiness of our school community are the positive partnerships that exists between all of our stakeholder groups.

ISZL actively encourages parental involvement and participation in all areas of school life. To support this, we host a number of community events, from small to large, that bring parents together to celebrate the community and highlight the successes of our individual and collective efforts.

Our Parents' Association (PA) dedicates itself to ensuring that every member of our community feels welcomed and has the opportunity to get involved and join the fun! Their wide range of social activities include Hiking, Skiing, Running, Tennis, Choir, Pudding Club and Coffee Corner. Additionally, the Sports Booster Club, Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) and the ISZL Cultural Committees, all offer meaningful ways in which you can make a positive difference to your child's school education.

We also provide parents with learning opportunities to help them understand and participate in their child’s education in a meaningful and informed way.

Volunteer Opportunities

Explore opportunities to contribute your time and talents

Volunteers are the secret ingredient to making any community-based programme an outstanding success. Please visit our Volunteering at School page to see our current opportunities.

Parents' Organisations

Parents' Association

The primary goal of the Parents' Association (PA) is to support school spirit and enhance our families’ overall experience at ISZL. The PA organises numerous events for children and adults – allowing everyone to make new friends and enjoy a great social life.

All parents at ISZL are automatically part of the PA. There are many ways to shape and be involved in the association:

  • Attend meetings, conferences and special events sponsored by the PA
  • Volunteer your time at PA events such as Halloween, Quiz Night, Staff Appreciation Lunches or International Day
  • Be nominated as a Class/Grade Level Representative and be the connecting link between your class/grade level and the PA
  • Join the PA Boards and become involved in decision-making about PA events
  • Voice your ideas and concerns to improve the ISZL experience

Please join the PA meetings and events and become a part of the action!

Sports Booster Club

The ISZL Sports Booster Club is a non-profit, parent volunteer organisation that supports our Middle School and High School competitive sports teams by promoting sporting events, running concession stands and funding special supplies for our student athletes and teams as needed.

The Booster Club is committed to heightening school spirit, establishing sports traditions and increasing involvement of both students and parents at sporting events. Through the efforts of the Booster Club, we hope to allow all our athletes to excel and enjoy being part of the ISZL athletics programme.

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) for the Primary School, Middle School and High School respectively meet once per month. The PAC acts as a sounding board for the administration of each school division and its campus. Proposals presented by the school will be discussed and likely parental and student reaction considered. The group advises ISZL’s administration on matters of general interest to the parents. While the council does not have executive powers, its advice is sought and considered in decision-making.

The council acts as a channel of communication between the school and parents. It is not a forum for considering individual concerns. The PAC is not part or extension of the Parents’ Association - it is a separate entity. PAC Membership is by invitation of the Division Principal.

Cultural Committee

As a culturally aware and culturally diverse community, we are always looking for ways to recognise, understand and celebrate our cultural diversity. The role of the Cultural Committee is to raise awareness of the diversity of cultures within our community and to broaden the knowledge of our children regarding these cultures. The committee also offers advice regarding cultural aspects of life in our ISZL community. Membership of the committee is open to all community members – get involved!

Educational Programmes

ISZL places great emphasis on building and sustaining relationships. Parents are key collaborators and essential to each child’s academic and social development. To this end we provide a range of workshops throughout the year specifically catered to parents. They have the chance to explore their understanding of all aspects of the ISZL curriculum: from play to mathematics, to language acquisition, to digital citizenship. Workshops are arranged and advertised to our community throughout the school year and they are always well attended and well received.

Helping Families in Transition

We understand that relocating to Switzerland, changing schools, settling into a new home can be both exciting and challenging for children and parents alike. Learn how we help families in transition.

Voices from our Parents

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