We understand that you may be feeling a bit lost and fearful about your move, but we want to tell you that you should also be feeling very excited and motivated!

In joining ISZL, you are becoming a member of an exciting, engaging and friendly community of students just like you - multifaceted and multicultural!

Our students and staff will go out of their way to welcome and support you. We will ensure that until you find your feet, you will have a Student Ambassador or a Class "Buddy" to help you through those first few weeks. Your class teacher will provide you with everything that you need to integrate quickly into your new learning environment and our School Counsellors will check in with you regularly to make sure that things are going well and to give additional help and support if needed.

Nothing is left to chance, your happiness is our priority.

Getting involved

Once you start school, the quickest and easiest way to make new friends is to get involved! We encourage our students to embrace school life and to take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities which are open to them both as part of the curriculum and also through our exciting student life programme.

About our Students

Voices from our Students