We are currently at Level 4 on our Risk Matrix, which can be accessed here

Updated 3 April 2020

Spring Break Staycation - explore from home

This holiday will be very different for us all! To help our ISZL families relax and recharge, we have rounded up a selection of social-distancing-friendly holiday activities, divided into those suited to our Primary School students and those most appropriate for our Middle and High School students. We hope it will encourage families to feel inquisitive and inspired, and interested in virtually exploring the world in new ways!


Connecting on the wall

Community is where we find comfort in difficult times, and we're definitely in difficult times right now. So please leave a note, thought, thank you, photo, song, dance, etc on our ISZL Community Wall


ISZL’s campuses are closed effective from Monday, March 16. We have now fully implemented our Continuity of Learning Plan. Our intent is that classes will return to normal on April 20, although we will continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and advise our community accordingly. 

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