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Innovation at a school can be defined in many different ways - incorporating new technology or teaching methods, going on field trips or partnering with the local community. At ISZL we pride ourselves on our innovative teaching and learning methods and are always striving to enhance the learning experience for our students. Current research and best practices in education drive improvements to our pedagogical practices and the ongoing refinement of our curriculum.

creating innovative, exciting and student centred programmes for all

How do we know which direction to go? Research and collaboration! At ISZL, the decisions which we make to improve our programmes are always informed by educational research.

How can we engage the students more? Our team of curriculum coordinators, librarians and information professionals are involved in finding the answer to this question by identifying, sharing and highlighting current, relevant educational research. ISZL Leadership Team members and our teachers regularly attend educational conferences in the European region to ensure we are connected to the latest research, newest knowledge and best techniques.

We are also professionally connected to the Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS), the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), ASCD and many others. ISZL staff serve on a number of committees in these organisations which involve the school in educational development projects in collaboration with other schools in the region. ISZL also works directly in collaboration with universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop cutting-edge teaching and learning in the school.

Lifelong Learning is highly encouraged

ISZL is a learning organisation and all members of our community are encouraged to learn all the time. Many of our teachers are completing post-graduate study at ISZL and their own personal research is supported by the school and also informs our own pedagogical discussions.


ISZL strives to ensure that our students have the best means available in order to prepare them for a bright future. We believe that educational technology is more just than iPads and laptops. Technology can advance student learning, research and assessment, and communications among teachers, students and parents. Accessible, effective technological solutions can also empower students and teachers to focus on the task of learning. They can do more with the resources they have, improving the quality of education and better-equipping our students for the future. Learn more about Educational Technology at ISZL.

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