School Year 2022-2023

In response to the changing needs of ISZL families we have expanded our Extra-Curriculum Programme to include:


Extra Activities & Group Learning Extended Service

EAGLES is an additional paid service, based at the Zug Campus, for ISZL families where both parents are working, or for a single-parent working family, and the support of an extended school day for their child/ren from Early Years 1-Grade 8 is required.

EAGLES will run on Monday to Friday from 15.30 - 18.00 on all full school days during term-time.

Registration is for the full year. Payment can be made per annum or by semester. Families can choose attendance on 3, 4 or 5 days per week.

  • 5 days per week
    • Annual -         Chf 4'800
    • Semester 1 – Chf 2’874
    • Semester 2 – Chf 2’126
  • 4 days per week
    • Annual -         Chf 4'000
    • Semester 1 – Chf 2’414
    • Semester 2 – Chf 1’786
  • 3 days per week
    • Annual -         Chf 3'400
    • Semester 1 – Chf 2’069
    • Semester 2 – Chf 1’531

Families joining ISZL during the school year may register on admission and will be charged a pro rata fee.

Please note spaces will be limited, and as this service is in response to the needs of our families where both parents have work commitments, or single-parent families with work commitments, we will require ‘confirmation of employment’ letters from your employers which should state your working days/hours.

Application for places is open!

Places are currently limited.
Please click here to register.

EAGLES is staffed by qualified teachers and assistants in two groups. Children from Grade 1 to Middle School will meet in our dedicated clubroom, and children in Early Years to Kindergarten will meet in the Old School House. EAGLES staff will organise age-appropriate games and activities responding to the children’s interests and making use of our clubrooms, the Albis Gym and our outdoor spaces. There will be opportunities to have a snack and to relax after a busy school day. For older students there will also be a space for homework and study. All ISZL staff have appropriate first-aid and child-protection training and a school nurse and member of our site team will also be available if needed.

Children may also choose to participate in our other after-school activities, language groups or Music lessons and they will be signed into the EAGLES club following their activity. If their activity is cancelled for any reason, or during any breaks in activities, the EAGLES club will be open to your child from 15.30.

Please note that EAGLES is only for children registered in EAGLES and who attend ISZL. Due to staffing and student ratios we are unable to support needs on an adhoc or day-to-day basis.

If you need any other information, please email Bernadette Faessler or call +41 41 768 29 00