Frequently Asked Questions

For whom are the ISZL Holiday Camps?

The ISZL Holiday Camps are for all existing and new ISZL students who want a fun and exciting way to spend their holidays, learning new skills, building on and making new friendships with other ISZL children in their age group.

These camps can especially appeal to students who are new to the ISZL community and who wish to get to know their peers. For English as an Additional Language (EAL) students, our camps are a lovely way to practice English in an informal and fun setting.

What kind of camp is right for my child?

ISZL offers a range of camps for various age groups. Outdoor activity and sports camps tend to take place in the February holiday (Ski and Snowboard Camp) and in the first week of the summer holiday. The August holiday camp week tends to include camps themed around the Arts, Drama and Music, focusing on the development of language and social skills.

What is included in the cost of ISZL camps?

The cost varies from camp to camp, but children are looked after by fully qualified ISZL teachers at all of our camps. Any specialised teaching (for example, skiing or sailing) is carried out by qualified instructors within small groups and is all included in the cost.

For residential camps, such as the Ski/Snowboard Camp and the Mountain Activities Camp, all meals and extra activities, such as ice-skating or swimming, are included.

For non-residential camps, children are requested to bring a packed lunch and water bottle. Any activities, such as ropes courses, paddle boarding, swimming (Zug Outdoors Camp) or visits to the local pool (Team Sports Skills Camp), are included.

How should my child get to the camp?

Once your child is registered into one of our camps, all information, such as what to wear and details regarding pick-ups and drop-offs, are communicated to you via the Camp Leaders. In general, children are expected to be dropped-off and picked-up by parents or adult chaperones.

Who are the Staff at ISZL Camps?

Fully qualified ISZL teachers lead our camps. Any specialized teaching, such as skiing or sailing, is carried out by fully qualified instructors.

Will there be other children who are new to the camp?

ISZL holiday camps are open to all ISZL students. The camps are very popular and a number of students return each year to a camp of special interest to them. However, it is normal for each camp to have a number of students that are attending for the first time. It is unlikely that any student would find that they are the only ones new to a camp.

How do we register?

Registrations are made online. Here you’ll find a page entitled ‘Holiday Camps’ with links to registration forms for all of our camps. Once registered, our Business Office will contact you with payment details and in the weeks approaching your child’s camp, the Camp Leader will contact you with detailed information.