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Alok Das

At ISZL we use many different measures to assess the success of the programmes we offer. We look to develop all aspects of the student whilst they are with us, we focus on skills, attributes and also on academic development in all areas. Some of these areas are difficult to measure directly but one of the most important indicators of academic progress is, of course, the final examination results achieved by our Grade 12 students. We compare our results with the worldwide averages as well as with other similar institutions in Switzerland and within Europe.

I am delighted to say that this year’s examination results were once again very impressive and reflect an outstanding achievement for our Class of 2018. I would like to add my congratulations to all of them for their excellent results.

IB Diploma Programme

This year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma results had an average score of 35 (out of 45) well above the worldwide average of 30 and this compares very favourably with similar institutions in our region. A score of 35 provides access to most leading universities in the world. For 15% of our students to have achieved a score of more than 40 points is particularly impressive as this kind of score provides access to any of the worlds very best universities. The commitment of our faculty to this group of students is clear from the 100% pass rate, a testament to the care, monitoring and support of all students at ISZL.

Advanced Placement Exams

This year’s Advanced Placement results were again outstanding and with the consistency of these and the IB results over the last few years is something we as an institution are very proud of. Universities around the world are looking for scores of 3 or above in particular and scores of 4 or 5 are going to provide access to universities around the world as well as credit against certain first year courses at universities in the US. 40% of scores in AP exams being a 5 represents a really impressive achievement for all the students graduating from the ISZL High School programme with AP examinations.

The comparison of our results with world and local averages is again very pleasing with ISZL producing scores with better averages against both of these external benchmarks.

BTEC Applied Learning Programme in Business

This year was historic as it was the first year we also had students graduating from the newly offered BTEC Applied learning programme in Business. The first set of results were also outstanding with a 100% pass rate and 60% of students achieving the highest grade of a Distinction.

Taken as an overall picture these results indicate the wide success of our programme in many areas and are a testament to the quality of our programme here at ISZL. I would like to finish by congratulating all the students involved and also the faculty of teachers in all divisions of the school who contributed to this success.

I look forward to another successful year at ISZL for our students!






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