By Anita Skaber-Lee, Primary School German Teacher, and Vicky Wasner, High School German Teacher & Experiential Learning Coordinator

Last year ISZL launched a range of initiatives to connect with the local community and enable students to learn in an authentic context. We believe the interactions and relationships between different sections of our own school community are equally important.

In April this year Vicky Wasner was wondering how to enable students from the High School to engage in a meaningful educational interaction with students from Primary School. In particular, she saw a window of opportunity with her German AP class, as they would have some allocated time to work on a meaningful project once their AP exam was over in May. German teachers from the Primary School really liked the idea of collaboration, and Anita Skaber decided to get involved with her Grade 3 class. The initial ideas were to write a story or a fairytale together that other students could read later. After discussing a range of ideas with students however, it was agreed that both classes, Grade 3 and Grade 11, would collaborate in small groups of interest and create together a trivia quiz about Switzerland. This part of the project was completed separately in lessons, with students connecting with each other through shared documents within the Google learning environment. As students liked the idea of physically being able to work with each other however, we organised that the younger students would go to the Riverside campus to take part in a trivia event, where they would work together in mixed teams to answer questions from the quiz. The Grade 11 students arranged the classroom into an inviting atmosphere, and then the trivia began! Overall, the event was a success; all students interacted well together, they learnt some facts about the culture, geography and history of our host country in the process, and they experienced what it was like to work with others from a different part of our school community.

Here are some reflections from our Grade 3 students:

  • Adam “I think that the topic we focused on, “Switzerland” , was good and I think we have learnt a lot, next year I think we should go to the High School for a full day”
  • Laura “I found it interesting because high schoolers made the quiz a little bit more interesting, I thought they were really kind”
  • Enora “I think that we can do it again, it was fun to have two teams and compete against them, the quiz was not too easy”
  • Phoebe “I found the quiz very interesting and enjoyable. I also enjoyed all the support”
  • Juliette “I liked the trip because I liked how they welcomed us”
  • Yoav “I liked the quiz because it was cool and fun, we should have three teams next time and play more games”
  • Gui “I found the trip and the quiz fun. We had a lot of teamwork and my team had the best teamwork. They welcomed us well!”
  • Kay “I think it was really fun but it could be a bit longer. It was fun working with older kids in Grade 11. I would love to go back again because the quiz was a little harder than the ones we play”
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