Linzie Stephenson, Design and Computer Science Teacher, High School Campus

As part of the Computer Science course for the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme (IBDP), students are required to develop a programme for a client. Using the Software Development Cycle, they are asked to analyse what the clients are looking for, design and develop a solution and then test and evaluate their solution. Students often struggle to find authentic clients with problems that can be solved within their programming skills. 

This year Kacper, a Grade 12 student, reached out to the Middle School to develop a Maths programme for his brother’s class. In an authentic learning experience, Kacper contacted and arranged meetings with the Maths Teacher following up with secondary research in order to understand the course fully. By talking to the students in the class, he was able to get a true understanding of what the students would like to be able to do to help them with their Maths skills rather than developing a generic programme. After his analysis, he designed and developed a Maths puzzle programme, which could be used alongside regular classroom activities. Kacper then visited the Middle School to test the programme alongside Ms Laura Carlson, the Grade 6 Maths Teacher. Getting genuine feedback from students and the teacher helped Kacper to feel confident he had created a useful programme.

By inviting Kacper into the class to learn about the course and to test his programme, Ms Carlson helped to create a learning experience which has allowed Kacper to apply his skills in an unfamiliar situation. As his Computer Science Teacher hearing Kacper talk about the experience and reading his report has shown me that this has helped him to make the connections across the curriculum. It also seemed he had an enjoyable experience while completing the internal assessment. Thank you very much to Ms Carlson for enabling this collaboration to happen. 

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