Helga Jaimes

Our Grade 10 and 11 students have recently visited the Athletic Performance Centre in Steinhausen. They had the opportunity to meet the owner and head coach, Pieter Smeets, who personally introduced this state-of-the-art functional training facility to our students.

We sat down with Pieter, who is a former ISZL sports teacher, to learn more about the center and how our students can benefit from the facility.

Can you share some information about your background?

After graduating from the Kantonsschule Zug, I completed 4 years of sports sciences and kinesiology at ETH Zürich with a Master’s degree. After my studies I first worked as a fitness trainer at Hirslanden Training Aarau. After that I followed my passion and learned from the best trainers in the health and fitness sector. For this I studied another year in the USA to obtain my diploma as Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) in Boston. I expanded my network with professional trainers and completed a coaching internship with the founder and globally recognised expert in “Functional Training”, Mike Boyle, in Boston. I grew up bilingual, English/German. Back in Switzerland I worked as a sports teacher at ISZL, former Lucerne campus and at Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum Zug and as a self-employed personal trainer with Adults and as a Strength and Conditioning coach with young up-and-coming athletes in the Zug region.

How did you come up with the idea of the centre and what does your programme include?

In 2016 I found suitable premises with 300m2 in the Multifabrik in Steinhausen. There I set up a modern state-of-the-art functional training facility for my company. Our unique programme includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction and rehabilitation, linear and lateral speed techniques, foot speed and agility, explosive power development, proper functional strength training and energy system conditioning. The workout becomes progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered. Our experienced coaching staff ensures proper progression over the duration of the session. 

What do you offer for ISZL students?

We have developed a sports performance programme for Middle and High School students. The Middle School athlete groups are designed for young athletes ages 11-14 and will give your young athlete a leg up on the competition. Our emphasis is on teaching young athletes the fundamentals of strength and conditioning in a safe learning environment. This program is 60 minutes in length and incorporates all elements of our world class programmes, modified for the younger athlete.

The High School athlete groups are designed for athletes ages 14-18 and made to enhance the performance of your young athlete in any venue they choose. We aim to help your high school athlete feel stronger, faster, and more powerful than the competition. This program is 60 minutes in length and incorporates all elements of our world class program and is enhanced to suit the needs of maturing athletes.We are also working on an after-school programme for the High School, starting in September.

We are looking forward to further developing our relationship with the Athletic Performance Centre.


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