By Karen Richardson, Primary Arts Team Leader

Within the Primary Visual Arts curriculum students are introduced to a wide variety of materials and new methods. Students are given the opportunity to experiment with different media, whilst they learn and develop new skills of application along the way. Through drawing projects using dry mark making materials such as graphite pencil, charcoal and pastel to painting projects with water-colour, poster and powder paints. Students develop an understanding of how to use and manipulate mediums to achieve visual effects. Modelling and construction tasks with clay, plaster and recycled materials allow students to explore shape and space in 3D.

This year students have explored a number of new art processes including fabric printing and plaster carving. Linking to the Grade 5 focus on ‘Materials’ students were introduced to processes such as stencil cutting and printing, batik and tie-dye. Using these techniques students applied their understandings planning and making a creative array of upcycled T-shirts, bags, hats, pillows and cushions. Their wonderful work culminated in a fashion show in assembly.

Modelling with playdough, plasticine and clay are skills that students develop throughout the primary years. From experimentation to the creation of pots, tiles and artefacts clay is a much-loved material, which the children respond to with great enthusiasm. Moulding clay develops gross and fine motor skills, whilst providing problem-solving challenges when connecting, shaping and building with clay.

Recently we were fortunate to work with sculptor, illustrator and filmmaker Anthony Jegu as part of our Artist in Residence project during Arts week. Anthony is an experienced sculptor who has created many bas-relief carvings from plaster, wood and clay. Grade 4 students learned to carve out simple motifs on plaster tiles to create a relief pattern. These tiles will then be painted over with black paint to expose the delicate pattern and lines of the designs. Each nature-themed tile will then be presented together in a large frame.

We look forward to sharing the completed plaster work soon with you all.






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