Ann Northfield, Grade 8 English Teacher

Reading in the Middle School has taken a new direction this year with the creation of a central bookmobile space. Three bookmobiles full of books, old and new are there for student enjoyment. In all three grades in Middle School there is an expectation that all students will have a reading book and every Language & Literature lesson begins with some minutes of silent, personal reading. The idea is to create a culture of reading which permeates the whole school, fostering and encouraging a lifelong habit which will stand students in good stead for the future. Research strongly suggests that regular reading helps students develop all sorts of skills which are useful, not just for language and literature, but other subjects too. Of course with PDW coming up, a good book will also be a valuable companion for the long journeys ahead.

Students can borrow, browse, return, place holds and even get personal recommendations at the bookmobiles and it saves them from having to go all the way to another building and up yet more flights of stairs. The only important rule (apart from treating the area and books with respect) is that books must be scanned out with a staff member, not just taken. The new project has been running since the start of term and has proved very successful. The main issue so far is the need for extra couches as the ones there already are usually full. Beanbags have been ordered and will further enhance the reading space and opportunity to curl up with a good book. Happy reading!


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