By Katie Hugen, Grade 4 Teacher and Team Leader

For many Grade 4 students, the Trade Fair is one of the main highlights of the year. This annual event is an opportunity for students to show off their entrepreneurial skills. Over the past six weeks, students have been working in small groups to design food and games based on their understanding of supply and demand. In collaboration with the German team and our Educational Technology Coach, Ms Lelek, the Grade Four students have produced multilingual posters for their stands and created persuasive advertisements.

This year students have placed a large emphasis on creating a Trade Fair that is ‘Green’. The students will not be using plastic and have tried to use other sustainable materials, with the intent of creating minimal waste from the event. All proceeds from the day will be going to the microlending organisation - Kiva. Over the past five years, the Trade Fair has raised more than CHF 12,000 for this organisation. The money has been used to make over 100 loans, helping people around the world create an opportunity for themselves and their communities.



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