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The Youth Forum Switzerland (YFS) is the work of motivated ISZL students who attended the Davos World Economic Forum in 2017. Inspired by their experience, they created a similar global event for young people in central Switzerland and further afield. YFS is now a key part of our High School programme and hosted this month by our school. It continues to go from strength to strength, organised by a team of around 70 ISZL students. 

Held on the High School campus, YFS 2020 will be the third event put on by ISZL students. Thirty-three guest speakers from around the world will be joined by 12 student speakers, with 700 students in attendance. Twenty-three local and international schools attended, from Europe and the USA.

2020’s theme - Our Future Now - explores subjects including artificial intelligence, data privacy, the future of medicine and youth mental health. Speakers include Scott Weber (President of Interpeace), regular UN speaker and climate change campaigner HRH Princess Azje Djigma, and student political activist Naomi Wadler. 

Ahead of the main forum, students (especially those from the Middle School), parents and staff will attend a Pre-Forum. It featured a panel discussion with guest speakers from the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Network, a Q&A session, and TED-style talks. In 2020 we will beYFS 2019 joined by the distinguished educator Professor Yong Zhao and also had two student TED-style talks. 

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