By Edward Wexler, Head of High School (Riverside) Campus

This past weekend we bid farewell to yet another inspiring cohort of young women and men. Eloquent students shared heartfelt expressions of gratitude, light-hearted stories, and poignant advice throughout the graduation ceremony. Their poise and presence on stage another reminder of the skills we value within our holistic educational approach. A theme emerged organically from their speeches about what they think makes their class particularly unique. The Class of 2019 felt their most important contribution to ISZL was how they were able to foster a climate, and cultivate in each other, the freedom for all students to be themselves. A lovely message for sure.

This time of year brings real transitions, not only for our students graduating from ISZL and their families, but for all of us. It’s never easy to say goodbye to friends and classmates. I would like to wish our departing families all of the best as they journey ahead. I do hope that you will take with you some wonderful memories from your experience at ISZL and that your children are better prepared moving forward. We will miss you.

I would also like to express my deepest appreciation to the faculty and staff of ISZL who are preparing for other endeavours at the year’s end. On behalf of the high school community, I want to thank them for their dedication to the students and families of ISZL, their consummate professionalism, and for investing their talents and expertise in us. We will miss them for sure as well. Please do consider sending them a note should you wish. Here are the next steps for our departing educators:

  • Gina Ayon, 6 years at ISZL, will continue teaching within Learning Support at Yokohama International School in Japan
  • Annemiek Bailey, 9 years at ISZL, will continue as a college counsellor at the International School of London, Qatar
  • Audrey Deglise, 8 years at ISZL, will continue teaching French at the International School of Geneva (Ecolint), Switzerland
  • Meirion Jones, 9 years at ISZL, will continue teaching at the British International School of Phuket
  • Victor Kaitel, 5.5 years at ISZL, will pursue opportunities within Switzerland
  • Beth Kramer, 1 year at ISZL, will spend more time with grandchildren while also pursuing opportunities in Switzerland
  • Charlie Martin, 5 years at ISZL, will continue teaching maths in Dulwich College Singapore
  • Louise Reiche, 8 years at ISZL, will retire in Spain
  • Sue Taylor, 4 years at ISZL, will work as a primary school counsellor at the American School in Japan
  • Andrew Walker, 3 years at ISZL, is pursuing other opportunities within Switzerland

And last but not least:

  • Ann Bouquet, after an amazing 19 years of true dedication at ISZL, will retire in France

Khalil Gibran, a famous Lebanese poet, wrote within “On Children” that “Life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.” What an honour and privilege it has been to work with these dedicated educators. All the best to them and their families.

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