By Meryl Siggs, Head of Zug Campus

Welcome back to the last two months of the school year. I think we find ourselves saying, “where did the year go?” – every year! The first weeks back have been action-packed with learning experiences. Grade 4 classes headed off to Mountain Maths for the week, the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition continues with the final weeks of preparation (read more here), a group of Grade 5 students travelled to a drama festival in Lausanne on Friday, the ISZL Choir left on their tour to Luxembourg, and the Primary School held an Art Exhibition. We hosted our first Early Years Open Day on Saturday morning and Noemie’s Hope Benefit Concert occurred in the afternoon. It has certainly been a busy start!  

A reminder that International Day is just around the corner on Saturday, May 11th 2019. If you can support as a volunteer – every hour of help makes a difference! Please email Karen Lurie -

Primary School Art Exhibition

This week we saw the Primary School Art Exhibition on display in the Keller. The exhibition featured works of Art from students from Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 5. The following central ideas were explored by each group.

  • Grade 5 - Art and Action: Change can occur when artist align themselves with issues and opportunities
  • Grade 3 - Art and Mathematics: Exploring 2D shape, tessellation and mathematical patterns – focusing on contrasting colours and developing faces and expressions
  • Grade 2 - Art from Past to Present: Learning about previous generations helps us understand the relationship between the past and present

Some of the students in Mr Taylor’s Early Years 2 class provided some worthwhile reflections after visiting the exhibition:

“This morning we (EY2T) visited the exhibit and we found many pieces of art that we enjoyed and made us think. Here are some of our observations and messages that we took away from the exhibit:

  • Franz: I liked the ship sinking because I thought the oil went away, but it doesn't.  The sea creatures get sick from the oil.
  • Zach: I also liked the boat picture because when the boat sinks, it becomes a home for the sea creatures, but the oil is bad.
  • Ben: I liked the skeleton heads because I like creeping things!
  • Melina: I liked the butterflies.  They are my favourite insects.  They were colourful!
  • Max: I liked the "Stop Playing Video Games" because I learned that playing too much is not good for you!
  • Nick: I liked the tree that was thrown in the trash.  I learned that we need trees to live.
  • Haruna: I liked the black and white pictures.
  • Tripp: I liked the bear in the cage.  People should not put animals in cages.
  • Leo: I liked the video game because it reminds me to exercise.
  • Elliott: I liked that one too... playing too much video games hurt your brain.

Congratulations to you and your art students on a wonderful art exhibition!”


Drama Festival in Lausanne

By Kirsty Kelly, Performing Arts Teacher

The International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) is a community of young people, teachers and Artists from around the world. This weekend, the ISZL Primary school for the first time took seven 5th Graders for a weekend full of ensembles, workshops, and social activities.

The weekend was hosted by The Institute De Rosey in the French-speaking part of Switzerland with the theme for the weekend being water. The students passionately engaged in new experiences which valued diversity, collaboration, play and friendship. Throughout the weekend, the students created, learned and were inspired through music, drama, dance and the visual arts. Not only did they do this within the host school premises but also on the Rolle beach where the students utilised the lake water to compose music, as a stimulus for storytelling and to problem solve their way through a water-inspired assault course. The weekend ended with a sharing session where all the ensembles came together to perform their new learnings from the weekend which all connected through the theme water.

Drama is very much embedded into the primary curriculum at ISZL and it is opportunities such as the ISTA festival that give students further opportunities to grow through the Performing Arts and build on their creativity. As a Performing Arts teacher, the weekend also allowed me to collaborate with other schools and artists and to further develop my own professionalism. Both Alexis Dahl, Middle School drama teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the workshops with our students with one highlight being the dance workshop led by one of Beyoncé’s dancers!

Feedback from our students is a clear indication of how successful the weekend was and just how much they benefited from a weekend of using their imagination and getting to ‘think out of the box’.

“I became more confident as the festival felt like a safe place to share my ideas.”

“I learned so much and the festival allowed me to understand and see things from different perspectives.”

 “I got to try new experiences and unlock parts of my imagination that I didn’t know existed.”

“We are in the middle of preparing for our exhibition in Grade 5 and I want to now make my exhibition more exciting and engaging for my audience using my new skills and knowledge from the weekend.”


Helpful Mathematics Advice for Parents from International Renowned Maths Educator – Jo Boaler

Upcoming events

  • ISZL International Day - ALL SCHOOL EVENT
    Date: Saturday 11 May
    Time: 11:00 - 16:00
    This special event celebrates the diversity of all of the nationalities in our ISZL community. Country food stalls from around the world sell tasty, traditional dishes and drinks. There are fun games and lots of bouncy castles for children of all ages. Come, relax, enjoy live entertainment and celebrate with your family and friends.
  • Grade 5 Exhibition
    Date & Time: Tuesday 14 May 13.00-18.00 & Wednesday 15 May 09.00-12.00
    Baarburg Theatre, Foyer and Mezzanine
    This is an opportunity for all community members to come and interact with Grade 5 students as they share their learning and encourage you to take action.
  • Primary School Games Days Early Years - Grade 2
    Date: Friday 17 May
    Zug Campus (Early Years Playground and Main Field)
  • Grade 2 and 3 Recorder concert
    Date: Tuesday 21 May
    Time: 14:45 PM - 15:30
    Baarburg Theatre, Zug Campus
    Grade 2 and 3 recorder concert showcasing their work for the year.
  • Voice Concert
    Date: 21.5.9
    Time: 19:00 - 20:00
    Baarburg Theatre, Zug Campus
    Primary and Middle School students who learn singing perform in this end of year concert.
  • String Concert
    Date: 22.5.19
    Time: 19:30 - 20:30
    Baarburg Theatre, Zug Campus
    Primary and Middle School students who learn stringed instruments perform in this end of year concert.
  • Wind & Brass Concert
    Date: 28.5.19
    Time: 19:00 - 20:00
    Baarburg Theatre, Zug Campus
    Primary and Middle School students who learn wind and brass instruments perform in this end of year concert.
  • Primary School Games Days Grade 3 - Grade 5
    Date: Monday 3 June
    Herti Stadium in Zug
  • Guitar Concert
    Date: 4.6.19
    Time: 19:00 - 20:00
    Baarburg Theatre, Zug Campus
    Primary and Middle School students who learn guitar perform in this end of year concert.
  • Summer Serenade
    Date: 11.6.19
    Time: 18.30-20.00
    Baarburg Theatre, Zug Campus
    Primary and Middle School musicians and singers come together for a magical evening of music to celebrate the end of the school year.
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