By the ISZL Counselling Teams

Thank You

Thank you to all the parents who attended the variety of workshops throughout the year from substance use to 'the 4 Ss'. We enjoy partnering with you to best support the students at ISZL. We look forward to the next school year, so that we can continue to have amazing dialogue and conversations around topics that impact our children and teens. If you missed a workshop, but would like to learn more, then please join the Counselling Schoology Group via this link. You will find many resources, in the resources folder.

Healthy Farewell

Thank you to all those that attended the Healthy Farewell Seminar with the school counsellors. The workshop focused on tips on how to transition to new places as we say goodbye to families that are transitioning to public schools, home countries, or new adventures. We wish you all the best of luck and please remember that you will always be a member of ISZL and hope you will reach out through our Alumni groups. Should you be interested in reviewing the PowerPoint presentation the counsellors led for participants, you can find it on the Counsellor Schoology Group.

Class of 2019

While many university acceptances won’t be finalised until IB and AP scores are received in July, as of now, our Class of 2019 graduates have received a total of 322 firm and conditional acceptances from their 412 applications, representing an impressive acceptance rate of 78.1%.  

As in past years, our seniors applied primarily to universities in the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada. As of this writing, those who will begin university in the fall of 2019 have chosen to attend universities in the following countries:  UK 37%, Netherlands 27%, US 17%, Canada 5%, Switzerland 4%, Italy 2%.  When compared to the three previous years, we’ve noticed that more of our graduates are enrolling in universities in the Netherlands and fewer in the UK while enrolment in other countries remains about the same.

Of our 100 graduates, 18% have made gap year plans, which represents a slight increase over the previous three years. Participating in a gap year is attractive for a variety of reasons: some students want to solidify their career interests, others feel a need to take a break from academics, some have military service obligations, and still others seek a “real-world” experience that can be gained from holding a job or volunteer work. All of these pursuits can bring greater maturity and a wider world view, and often result in a new eagerness to undertake the challenges of university.  No matter if our students apply to university during Grade 12 or after graduation, they can count on the ISZL college counsellors’ assistance.

Whether our graduates will be heading off to university in September or taking time for other pursuits between high school and university, we wish everyone in the Class of 2019 the very best in the next phase of their exciting lives.

Summer Message

As students head into a well-deserved holiday, the whole school counselling team wishes you all a happy and healthy summer. Congratulations on finishing the 2018-2019 school year and we look forward to welcoming you back to ISZL in August for the 2019-2020 school year! 

The ISZL Counselling Teams

Stephany Herzog & John Schuster, Zug Campus

Erin Tewsley, Pauline Davidson, Beth Kramer & Annemiek Bailey, Riverside Campus



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