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Wednesday 23 June
A Grade 11 student in Mr Tattle's homeroom tests positive. Swiss rule changes state that in countries where there is no variant of concern, fully vaccinated travellers need not quarantine. 

Friday 21 May
ISZL sets out its response to the Canton rule changes. Masks remain for Grade 3 upwards, but can be taken off outdoors in certain circumstances

Wednesday 19 May 
Sets out Cantonal changes to mask rules in schools, and says ISZL will consider how the changes affect school policy, reporting back on Friday

Wednesday 12 May
Details of how people who have been fully vaccinated can opt out of twice weekly school testing, and implications for the quarantine programme

Monday 3 May
The parent of a student in Grade 10 (Ivey) tests positive

Thursday 29 April
A parent with children in 7BT and 6PSY tested positive while abroad. The family is choosing to self-isolate. 

Wednesday 28 April
The child of a member of technical staff at the Zug Campus tests positive. 

Tuesday 27 April
A decision is taken to re-open 1R from Wednesday, as other sick children in the class tested negative for Covid. 

Monday 26 April
The spouse of the 1R parent tests positive.

Sunday 25 April - letter 2
Following the first communication, two 1R families get in touch to say their children are unwell. A decision is taken to close 1R and Eagles for two days to allow time for Covid testing. Class level bubbles to remain for another week. 

Sunday 25 April - letter 1
The parent of a 1R student tests positive, and the 1R student has been unwell. The student also attended Eagles after-school club.

Thursday 22 April 
Primary children to move from class-level to grade-level bubbles. 

Wednesday 21 April
A High School Art teacher, a Grade 4 specialist teacher and a parent with children in 7AS and 4B test positive.

Monday 19 April 
A student in 8MJ with a sibling in 5D tests positive.

Friday 16 April 
Changes to the testing programme for the next fortnight while local schools are on holiday. 

Wednesday 14 April
A student in Grade 10 (Allen) tests positive while the family is abroad. The student has a sibling in 5Me. The family remain abroad until they test negative. The Cantonal testing programme will continue until the summer break. A student in 7ASB who had a faint positive on a rapid test has now had a negative PCR test. 

Monday 12 April - letter 3
A parent with children in Grade 9 (Nappi) and 8MJ tests positive. 

Monday 12 April - letter 2
Following queries, we can confirm the family in letter 1 started their quarantine on Sunday. A student in 1P whose parent and sibling (not a student) tested positive on 27 March was cleared by their doctor to return to school on receipt of a negative test. The other parent tested positive on 6 April. The student had a negative test this morning and attended school on today. We have now asked them to remain at home until no-one in the family is in quarantine. A student in 7ASB has had a faint positive on a rapid test and is awaiting a PCR result. 

Monday 12 April - letter 1
A parent with children in 8MJ and 5D tests positive.

Sunday 11 April
Both children in the family reported yesterday have now tested positive and will be in quarantine until 16 April. Testing timetable enclosed. 

Saturday 10 April
Both parents of children in 10 (Newman) and 8BVM test positive while abroad. Further details of the testing schedule for next term, including students in Grades 4-6. A reminder that all children in Grades 3-12 are required to wear masks to school.  A reminder of quarantine requirements when returning from abroad. 

Tuesday 6 April 
A parent with children in 1R and EY2C  tested positive for Covid on March 24.  We will continue contact tracing over the Spring holidays. 

Monday 5 April
Two parents from the same family, with children in 8BVM and 6HHS test positive. The children have tested negative. 

Tuesday 30 March
The other parent from the communication of 28 March tests positive. Their child (in 1P) tested positive on 11 March. Vaccination registration opens for Canton Zurich. 

Sunday 28 March
The parent of a child in 1P, who tested positive on 18 March, tests positive. A child in 6DC and one of their parents test positive. A sibling in 3E tests negative. 

Saturday 27 March
The parent of a child in 1P tests positive

Friday 26 March
The parent of with children in 1P and KGAr tests positive. We will be continuing with contact tracing over the Spring holidays. 

Thursday 25 March 
A parent with children in Grades 3 and 6 tests positive. Parents for children in Grades 4-6 are reminded they can opt out of Cantonal testing, but their children will need to quarantine more frequently

Wednesday 24 March
A parent with children in Grades 3 and 6 tests positive. Canton Zug announces its testing programme will be expanded to include Grades 4, 5 and 6. 

Tuesday 23 March 
A decision is taken to keep 3R learning at home for the rest of the week. 

Monday 22 March
A second student in 3E tests positive, and is told they have the UK variant. 3E is closed for the rest of the week (final week of term). A student in 3R tests positive, but too late in the evening to take advice from Canton Zug. 3R is to learn at home the following day to allow advice to be taken. 

Sunday 21 March
Two other parents with children in 3E test positive. 3E will learn at home Monday and Tuesday. 

Saturday 20 March
A parent with children in 3E and 6DC tests positive. 

Friday 19 March
The spouse of the parent with children in KG and G2 tests positive. A pool sample from the Cantonal testing programme came back positive, but none of the individual samples showed signs of the virus. The class was isolated and sent home as a precautionary measure. 

Thursday 18 March
Positive cases include a parent with children in KG and G2, a parent with children in EY2 and G1, a student in class 1P (we do not think this is linked to the 1N case) and both parents of the 1N student communicated on 16 March. 

Tuesday 16 March
A student in 1N, whose mother teaches in Kindergarten, tests positive. 1N has at-home learning for the rest of the week (communication), and Kindergarten remains in quarantine with at-home learning. The rest of Primary 

Monday 15 March
The Kindergarten child of the parent referred to on 13 March tests positive. A member of Operations staff tests positive. All Primary staff, and staff on Zug campus who are not part of the Middle School screening programme, test negative for Covid. 

Sunday 14 March 
A substitute teacher, who was teaching in Kindergarten, tests positive. The Primary School is closed for Monday and Tuesday, to allow all staff to be tested for Covid and to allow time to see if other cases emerge. A community Zoom meeting is called for Tuesday 16 March. 

Saturday 13 March
A Kindergarten teacher with children in Grades 3, 7 and 10 tests positive. A parent with a child in Kindergarten tests positive. Following requests from parents, the requirements for quarantine and self-isolation are explained. Primary School parents are told there is a possibility of temporary closure. 

Thursday 11 March
A Kindergarten student and parent test positive, and Kindergarten is closed by the Canton for two weeks, with all students asked to quarantine, and ISZL moving to at-home learning for that Grade. A Grade 3 student tests positive and all students from Grades 3-5 are asked to wear masks (Middle and High School are already wearing masks)

Wednesday 10 March
A High School parent with children in Grades 10 and 12 tests positive. We communicate that not all positive tests from the screening programme are being communicated by 0600 the next morning, which is the Canton's target, and ask parents to also watch their phones later in the day. 

Monday 8 March
A Grade 9 student with siblings in Grades 1 and 4 tests positive. A Kindergarten student, who is the sibling of the student in the letter of 7 March tests positive. All Kindergarten teachers will have a rapid Covid test before school tomorrow. 

Sunday 7 March
A Grade 8 student, who had been in contact with the Grade 9 students below, tests positive. The student has a sibling in Kindergarten.

Thursday 4 March
The parent of the Grade 9 student referred to on 1 March tests positive. The results table of the screening programme are published to the community for the first time (no cases of Covid found in school).

Wednesday 3 March
The extended family member of a member of staff tests positive. Notice of a minute's silence in Switzerland. 

Tuesday 2 March
Questions answered on practical details of the testing programme. 

Monday 1 March
A Grade 9 student with siblings in Grades 2 and 5 tests positive.

Sunday 28 February
Two Grade 9 students and one of their parents test positive for Covid-19

Friday 26 February
ISZL learns that Grade 6 students will not be taking part in the Cantonal testing programme. 

Thursday 25 February
Further logistics of the testing programme are communicated, including that people who have tested positive for Covid-19 should not take part for three months from the date of their positive test. 

Wednesday 24 February
A Grade 11 student tests positive for Covid-19. An update to Swiss measures, loosening some restrictions, is communicated. 

Monday 22 February
Further details about the testing programme are set out, including an instructional video. Parents are invited to a virtual Town Hall meeting

Friday 19 February
ISZL sets out the Canton's plans for testing of Middle and High School students, due to start 1 March. 

Friday 12 February
ISZL promises to be in touch with the Canton over the break to understand more about the proposed testing programme, and also asks that families respect Covid guidelines over the February break.

Thursday 4 February
A correction from Canton Zug, saying certified cloth masks can be worn.

Wednesday 3 February
New directives from Canton Zug are announced, including regular tests for staff and students, FFP2 masks for teachers and higher standards for masks for students. Please also see the letter of 4 February for further clarification from Canton Zug

Thursday 28 January
The parent of a Grade 11 student has tested positive for Covid-19. 

Tuesday 26 January
A school bus driver tests positive. Links are given to cantonal registration forms for vaccination in Zug and also the surrounding Cantons. Families are informed that at least one international school in Zurich has moved to at-home learning for Middle and High School students, following a cantonal directive to reduce the number of students in classrooms. This is not a requirement in Zug Canton so classes will continue as normal. 

Monday 25 January
A parent with children in Grades 1 and 6 tests positive. A link to an upcoming Wellbeing in the time of Covid seminar from the school counsellors. A link is shared for registration for a vaccine in Zug. 

Wednesday 13 January
A Grade 11 student tests positive but is still in quarantine from the holiday. Information on testing for 8-12 year olds. New restrictions from the Swiss authorities including restricting gatherings to five people or fewer and the closure of shops with non-essential goods. 

Friday 8 January
A welcome to new families and a reminder of the security measures. ISZL understands the safety measures are likely to change in the coming weeks. 

Monday 4 January 2021
Term is due to start as expected. Some information on new variants of Covid-19 in the UK and South Africa, and the effects on quarantine. A reminder of the importance of keeping the school informed if community members are going for a Covid test. 

Friday 18 December 2020
A Grade 12 student tests positive. Attention is drawn to new restrictions from the Swiss government and an update to the quarantine list. ISZL expects to re-open on January 11 as planned but will communicate again if that changes. 

Wednesday 16 December
The spouse of the parent referred to in our communication of 13 December tests positive. The family has children in Grades 6, 9 and 11. Parents are advised to watch the Swiss quarantine list closely for changes during the holidays, and given statistics comparing the Swiss Covid-positive rate per 100,000 with other countries in Europe. 

Monday 14 December
A member of High School staff with a child in EY2 tests positive. 

Sunday 13 December
A parent with children in Grades 6, 9 and 11 tests positive. 

Wednesday 9 December
Both grandparents of a Grade 1 student, who are members of the student's household, test positive. The partner of a staff member, who previously tested positive, also has a positive test. The Swiss Authorities tighten their guidelines on social gatherings. 

Tuesday 8 December
The spouse of a High School teacher tests positive.

Monday 7 December
A parent with children in Grades 9 and 12 tests positive. Switzerland updates its quarantine details to include the United States.

Sunday 6 December
A parent with children in EY2 and Grades 1, 4 and 6 tests positive.

Monday 30 November
A music teacher on the Zug campus tests positive, as does the partner of one of our bus drivers. Contact tracing on the Grade 12 students referred to in the letter of 27 November led to negative test results 

Friday 27 November
Two Grade 12 students, who were at a social gathering together, test positive.

Tuesday 24 November
The spouse of one of ISZL's computer technicians tests positive. 

Sunday 22 November
Two parents and a Grade 11 student from one family test positive. The parent of a Grade 5 child, who is the spouse of the parent in Friday's communication, tests positive. 

Friday 20 November
An ISZL parent with a child in Grade 5 tests positive. 

Thursday 19 November
After-school clubs and activities remain suspended, with the issue to be revisited in December ahead of the New Year. Eagles will remain open for existing clients. First Language and ISZL Music School lessons will remain online. 

Monday 16 November
The child of a member of the Zug Campus cleaning team tests positive, as does a household employee of a family with children in Grades 5 and 7.

Sunday 15 November
A Grade 10 student with siblings in Grades 2, 4 and 6 tests positive. 

Thursday 12 November
A Grade 11 and a Grade 12 student test positive. In both cases, family members in the household had already tested positive. 

Monday 9 November
Two parents with children in Grade 10, a parent with children in Grade 12, two parents with children in Grades 3,6 and 8, a member of High School canteen staff test positive. Additionally a Grade 12 student who is exhibiting symptoms and lives with a person with a positive case, but has not had access to a test, is presumed positive. The High School canteen closes on Wednesday (Tuesday is Parent / Student / Teacher conferences).

Friday 6 November
Grade 10 students are asked to go into a full quarantine by Zug Canton. A member of our strings teachers on the Zug Campus tests positive

Thursday 5 November
A third Grade 10 student tests positive and the Grade is moved to at-home learning. 

Wednesday 4 November
A second Grade 10 student tests positive, as does the son of one of our bus drivers, and a parent who already has two positive Covid cases in the family. The emergency SMS system is tested. 

Tuesday 3 November
A student in Grade 10 tests positive, as does the spouse of a High School teacher. The letter explains the Cantonal definition of "close contact" in assessing cases. 

Monday 2 November
Students in Grades 7 and 9 test positive, but neither have been in school since the October Break. A school bus driver tests positive, but also has not been in school since before the break. Three further parents test positive.

Wednesday 28 October
New restrictions are announced by the Swiss Authorities. A Middle School teacher and their spouse, a High School teacher, and two families report positive tests. None has been in school since the October break. 

Tuesday 27 October
An after-school music teacher tests positive. Parents are asked to consider their preparedness for a sudden move to online learning. 

Friday 23 October
All after-school activities suspended for the first week back after the October break, to give staff time to assess risk. 

Friday 16 October
Parents' Association stop all in-person activities. Contact details for over the October break. 

Wednesday 14 October
Parent of Grade 11 student tests positive. Parents informed they will not receive day-to-day information over the October break, but they will be informed immediately if their Grade is put in quarantine. 

Tuesday 13 October
Parent with children in Grades 2, 4, 6 and 10 tests positive. Spouse of Grade 7 teacher tests positive. Grade 7 teacher is being tested (update 15/10 - this test was negative).

Wednesday 7 October
Spouse of the parent referenced in letter of October 1 also tests positive despite self-isolation. A further parent tests positive who had no contact with ISZL staff or students for a little over two weeks. 

Tuesday 6 October
Parent tests positive for Covid-19 after a co-worker's positive Covid test. The children are in Kindergarten and Grade 1. 

Thursday 1 October
Parent tests positive for Covid-19, children are in Grades 6 and 10

Wednesday 26 August
Parent tests positive for Covid-19 ahead of the start of term, children will not return to school until quarantine is completed.

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