Letters from our Director - Covid-19

This section details the most recent letters from our Director on the Covid situation in our school. Parents will also receive these letters by email. If you are not receiving the letters, please let us know

Letter, SUNDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2021

Dear ISZL Community Members, 

I am writing to share several updates and developments from the weekend. 

Testing Communication Policy

Until this week, we have communicated out positive PCR tests, rather than lateral flow tests (also known as antigen or rapid tests). However, because of the increased number of positive cases and recent studies showing the accuracy of lateral flow tests with the Delta variant, we will also communicate positive lateral flow tests and apply usual protection measures. It is still recommended that a positive lateral flow test is followed up with a PCR test. In the event of an inaccurate lateral flow test (for example, if the follow-up PCR test is negative), we will also communicate this information.  

Positive Cases in Grade 3

Following two positive lateral flow tests in Classes 3H and 3N, Grade 3 will revert to wearing masks tomorrow (Monday, 29 November). The Grade has already been informed of this decision by the Primary Principal, Angela Steinmann. 

Grade 5

Following Friday’s positive test in 5L, the class will take part in daily saliva testing for two weeks. The additional protection measure for this case is based on the nature of the contacts and concerns around a possible wider infection, following a careful review of this particular situation. 

Positive Case in Grade 6

A student has tested positive in Grade 6HPS. The student was last in school on Thursday, and is the child of the parent communicated out on Thursday 25 November. 

Community Support

We wish all those with Covid the very best with their recovery. We are also thinking of those caring for loved ones or who have had to quarantine unexpectedly. To this end, the Parents’ Association has confirmed that their voluntary support network is still up and running, with volunteers ready to help out with grocery shopping and practical support. Please click here if you would like support, or here to volunteer.

Omicron Variant

We are still learning what this new variant will mean for us in Switzerland and our families and loved ones worldwide. In the short term, Switzerland has expanded its list of countries with a variant of concern to include all countries which have reported a positive Omicron case, and it is reasonable to expect this to expand. As a result, many countries are now limiting travel from abroad, and flights to Switzerland from Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa have been banned for the time being. We know this news is distressing to those hoping to see loved ones over the winter break, and our sympathy is with those affected. 

As you will have realised, there is now a higher incidence of Covid in our community and school. Please help us ensure in-person learning continues on campus by being as cautious as possible in considering whether a Covid test is necessary. Watch for unusual levels of fatigue in younger children. The Delta variant is known to present with cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose and sneezing, as well as the better-known Covid symptoms such as fever, coughing, sore throat, headache, gastrointestinal symptoms, and a loss of taste and smell. 

With kindest regards,

Barry Dequanne
Director, International School of Zug and Luzern


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Saturday 27 November
A student in class 7SAV who has siblings in 6WAL and 12 (Tattle) tests positive, as does a 5L student with siblings in EY1P, KGW and 3H. Links for booster jabs are shared for Luzern, Aargau and Zurich. 

Friday 26 November
A Grade 7 homeroom teacher and PHS staff member tests positive. Canton Zug is accepting registration for booster injections. 

Thursday 25 November
The parent of a student in 6HPS tests positive. 

Wednesday 24 November
A student in 4G tests positive from the household reported on Tuesday 23 November. A parent with children in 5L and 7RE tests positive - the third positive case in the family.

Tuesday 23 November
A household member of students in 4G and 8ACB tests positive. The reproduction rate of the virus stands at 1.34.

Monday 22 November
The parent of students in 3R and 8JT tests positive. 

Sunday 21 November
Two students in 6BS and KGAr, who are siblings of a 5L student who tested positive on 10 November, test positive. The students have not been in school since their sibling tested positive. 

Friday 19 November
The sibling of a child in 8JT tests positive. The sibling does not attend ISZL. The 2weeks.ch testing platform will not go ahead. 

Wednesday 17 November
A parent with children in Grade 9 (Miguens) and 7MB tests positive

Monday 15 November
The sibling of an ISZL student tested positive - the student previously tested positive and has not returned to school. The child of an ISZL High School staff member tests positive.

Sunday 14 November
A parent of a further student in Grade 11 (Ivey) tests positive. 

Friday 12 November
A further student in 5L tests positive. Two parents of the 11 (Ivey) student reported on Monday 8 November test positive. 

Wednesday 10 November
5L closes for the rest of the week following another student testing positive. The student has siblings in 6SB and KGAr. A student in 6DC tests positive, who has siblings in 8BG and 2Mc. A community member tests positive with siblings in 9M and 7RE.

Monday 8 November
The sibling of a student in Grade 11 (Ivey) tests positive

Sunday 7 November
Followup email - a student in 7RE tests positive, with siblings in 9 (Jarvis) and 11 (Allen). 

Sunday 7 November
A second child in 5L with a sibling in 7RE tests positive, as do a parent and their children in 4E and 5Me. A further parent tests positive who has children in 2Mc, 6DC and 8BG.

Friday 5 November
A student in 6SB tests positive, as does a student in 5L with a sibling in 7RE.

Thursday 4 November
A parent of a Grade 7 student who tested positive on 29 October tests positive, as does the non-resident adult child of an assistant German teacher in Kindergarten.

Monday 1 November
A further member of High School science staff tests positive, as do two children of an EY1 assistant teacher. Community members are told that some of the recent cases are "breakthrough" cases where those affected were vaccinated, and are reminded of symptoms. 

Monday 1 November
Parents in Grades 4 and 5 are advised that given cases at the High School, their children will be asked to wear masks for another week.

Friday 29 October
A student in 7RE tests positive as part of the Cantonal testing programme

Thursday 28 October
A member of High School teaching staff with a spouse who teaches Grade 3 tests positive

Tuesday 26 October
A reminder that Grades 4 and 5 must wear masks on the first week back after the October break

Sunday 10 October
The visiting family member of a student in 5Me tests positive. 

Tuesday 5 October
A Zug Campus bus driver tests positive.

Monday 4 October
The Grade 5 student whose parent tested positive on 27 September, tests positive while in quarantine. 

Thursday 30 September
The parent of a child in 7SAV tests positive

Monday 27 September
A parent with children in EY1M and 5MA tests positive

Sunday 26 September
A parent with a child in 8MJ tests positive. 

Wednesday 15 September
The child of an after-school language teacher tests positive. Quarantine requirements from the Swiss authorities are shared ahead of the October break. 

Tuesday 14 September
A child of a member of the lunchroom team and a child of a member of cleaning staff test positive

Friday 10 September
A parent with children in Kindergarten and Grade 2 tests positive, as does the child of a member of non-teaching staff. Interest is assessed on having a mobile vaccination van on campus. Parents are told that indoor inter-school sporting events need Covid certificates for players and spectators.

Sunday 5 September
Two parents test positive, one with a child in Grade 11, one with a child in Grade 1. 

Friday 3 September 
Masks are optional for students in Grade 3, but will continue for other grades for the time being.

Tuesday 31 August
A parent with children in Grades 7 and 9 tests positive. Waiver forms for vaccinated staff and students and for people who have recovered from Covid are shared.

Wednesday 25 August
A student in Grade 11 and the parent of a child in EY2 test positive. Waiver forms for vaccinated staff and students and for people who have recovered from Covid are shared.

Monday 16 August
Students in Grade 3 and above will be required to wear masks at the start of term

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