Designing your DP


Students pursue the “core” of Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) and six subjects, including two languages, one subject from individuals and societies, one science, one mathematics subject, and one subject from the arts or another subject from the other groups.

The interdisciplinary subject of Environmental Systems & Societies (ESS) (in Sciences and Individuals and Societies) allows students the flexibility to specialise further by selecting another subject from any group to make up the total of six.

Three subjects are studied at Higher Level (HL) providing the in-depth development of subject specific knowledge and the skills needed to follow their chosen university course and in their professional lives.

Three more subjects are studied at standard level (SL) to provide the breadth of study.

Each subject is graded on a 1 - 7 scale and so for 6 subjects, there are a total of 42 points. An additional 3 points are available for the core to make the IB Diploma out of 45 points.

Dr. Badcock, our IB DP Coordinator explains the basics of the DP at ISZL