University Recognition


The IB Diploma is widely recognised by universities around the world and you can read more about the details for any country by following the link to the IB Recognition Statements.

Every country has a slightly different requirement from your IB Diploma and so it is important to investigate the requirements for any countries in which you might be interested.

Switzerland, for example, requires a minimum of 32 points and doesn't include the core points and have very specific subject requirements They do not recognise some subjects. These 32 points grant you access to any university without the need for an entrance test, except ETHZ and EPFL which require 38 points. There are also language requirements for non-native German /French speakers.

Germany has a broader recognition of the IB Diploma but may require specific subjects. There is more variability between German universities and so you need to check these.

In the Netherlands 24 points is a minimum requirement but with competition increasing this won't guarantee a place and there may be additional subject requirements. University Colleges in the Netherlands often want to see a score above 32 points.

In the UK there are a whole range of possibilities, but most universities will make an offer based on your total points with specific requirements in your HL subjects.

The US is much more flexible although you can gain credit for your total score or HL scores. This means not having to take a foundation course in your freshman year.