The ISZL Music Academy provides after school weekly music tuition to further cultivate our student’s musical talents. (106)

Arts Programme


Visitors to the ISZL art studios, music rooms and theatres will find teachers and students passionately engaged with music, drama and the visual arts. 

Our core arts programmes across primary, middle and high school provide a foundation for imagination. We encourage students to, in the words of our school vision, “stretch themselves further and achieve more than they believe possible”. Risk-taking and occasional frustrations are guaranteed alongside the joy of creating new works.

Beyond the core curriculum, students have the opportunity to expand their artistic talents in a variety of ways.  From after school clubs such as drama, manga art, photography, theatre production, jazz band or visual arts and ceramics club, to grade level seasonal performances, concerts and musicals such as Frog & Toad The Musical or the winter performance on the Singing Christmas tree in Zurich.

An education in the arts helps students learn to identify, appreciate and participate in the traditional art forms of their own communities. In The Arts students learn to respect other people’s different ways of thinking and communicate their thoughts and feelings in a variety of modes, giving them a powerful repertoire of self-expression.

We build students’ confidence to perform, beginning with the youngest students. From group assemblies in lower grades, to grade level performances, ISZL incorporates the arts early in our students’ learning experience.

Recent Performances