Arts Programme


Our Arts Programmes provide a foundation for imagination and encourage students to take risks in their creative expressions and artistic endeavours. Visitors to the ISZL art studios, music rooms and theatres will find students whose personal investment in pursuing a mastery of skill is evident in the purposeful atmosphere sustained in these classes. They will find teachers and students passionately engaged with music, drama and the visual arts, bound by their love of practice in these disciplines. Not that any creative journey is easy. Learning in the Arts often takes place outside of an individual’s comfort zone and challenge, risk taking and occasional frustrations are guaranteed alongside the joy and wonder of creating new works.

The creative accomplishments of ISZL students are both visibly grand and subtle. The obvious public achievements – a beautifully played piano sonata at an International Baccalaureate concert, a dramatic moment in the theatre that grips the audience or one of the many student art exhibitions – are indicative of our programmes’ success. Yet it can be easy to miss the individual breakthroughs students achieve each day as they develop creative skills and deepen their understanding of and personal connection with the world at large.

Our students are developing into cultured 21st century citizens. An education in the Arts helps students learn to identify, appreciate and participate in the traditional art forms of their own communities. As students imagine, create and reflect they are developing both the verbal and the non-verbal abilities necessary for school progress. Students of the arts learn to respect others’ (often very different) ways of thinking, working and expressing themselves and to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a variety of modes, giving them a vastly more powerful repertoire of self-expression.

The disciplines of visual arts, drama and music provide a medium through which students can explore, understand and develop their creative abilities. Learning how to express themselves through the elements of movement, sound, image and word, students develop their skills in performance, communication and collaborative works.

We build confidence in students to perform beginning with the youngest students at ISZL. From show-and-tell sessions and assemblies in lower grades, to reinforcing important concepts in grade level performances, concerts and musicals to their peers and parents, ISZL incorporates the Arts early in our students’ learning experience.

Latest News & Stories

Grade 5 Unit: Artists as Activists
By Karen Lynn, Grade 5 Teacher and Team Leader

This year, as part of the Grade Five programme of inquiry under the ‘How We Express Ourselves’ theme, students inquired into the idea of artists as activists.

Creative Journeys
By Marissa Hoffmann and Mary Russo

The ISZL Arts Programme is an expression of individual and shared joy within the school community. In the following pages, three families share their experiences of the richness of music, theatre and the visual arts from the primary years right through middle school and into high school.

A Choir Visit to Luxembourg
By David Smith, Flute Teacher & Director of ISZL Zug Campus Choir

In early May, the ISZL Zug Campus Choir travelled to the beautiful country of Luxembourg to perform with two international schools there. The trip incorporated group rehearsals, music workshops and performances for our singers, with a cultural visit of the city of Luxembourg to complete the experience. Please click the title to find out more.

Middle School Musical 'The Addams Family'
By Alexis Dahl, Middle School Drama & Arts Subject Coordinator

Just before the break, the Middle School Drama Club performed 'The Addams Family: Young @ Part'. The well-polished exterior of this musical show hid the many hours of labour put in by students, volunteer parents, teachers and staff. Please click the title to read more, including reflections from two students involved in this outstanding production.

Visit of Musicians from the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra
By Maria LeGuen, MYP Coordinator & Music Teacher

For several years ISZL has enjoyed a liaison with the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra. Our students have the opportunity to attend concerts and listen to internationally renowned musicians from this world-class orchestra. We also invite LSO musicians to visit our school and work with our IB Diploma music students. Please click the title to read more.

A Choir Trip to Beijing
By Ann-Sophie H, Grade 11 Student

Earlier this month 2 ISZL students travelled to China to take part in the AMIS High School Honor Choir Festival. Having been selected from thousands of applicants, the girls joined singers from around the world for 3 days of music culminating in a gala concert at the International School of Beijing. To read more please click the title. 

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