Arts by Medium

Arts by Medium

Our Arts Programmes provide a foundation for imagination and encourage students to take risks in their creative expressions and artistic endeavours. Visitors to the ISZL art studios, music rooms and theatres will find students whose personal investment in pursuing a mastery of skill is evident in the purposeful atmosphere sustained in these classes. They will find teachers and students passionately engaged with music, drama and the visual arts, bound by their love of practice in these disciplines.

Not that any creative journey is easy. Learning in the Arts often takes place outside of an individual’s comfort zone and challenge, risk taking and occasional frustrations are guaranteed alongside the joy and wonder of creating new works.


Music is taught to all students from Early Years to Grade 8. In Grades 2 and 3 students learn the recorder to understand musical notation that prepares them for learning an instrument of their choice from Grades 4 through 8. In addition to the instrument lessons offered by the school, private instrumental music lessons are also offered. Continuing our collaborative partnership with the Luzern Symphony Orchestra, ISZL embraces their U25 programme that offers ISZL students great access to symphony musicians and performances throughout the symphony’s performance season.

Throughout the school year, students have the opportunity to perform in numerous choir and instrumental concerts and recitals, showcasing their talent and progress and success. Instrumental ensembles include Zug Campus String Orchestra, Guitar Band, Wind Band, ISZL Sinfonia, Jazz Band, High School Choir, ISZL Zug Campus Choir and Zug Voices. ISZL has a large number of students who prepare for ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) examinations each year. ISZL is also a participating member of AMIS (Association for Music in International Schools). ISZL Middle and High School students have been selected, through audition, to participate in both the AMIS Honour Choir and Orchestra performance ensembles.

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The students learn to develop an awareness of theatre as an art form, to work cooperatively as a member of an ensemble and to develop a sense of confidence in themselves and in the work they produce.

In each division, there are performances that allow students to perform on stage. From the Primary School stage productions, to the Middle and High School musicals, ISZL students offer truly entertaining performances for their peers, parents and greater Zug and Luzern communities.

As a member of the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA), our Middle and High School students have the opportunity to take part in ISTA festivals in Europe. Past workshops have taken place in Luxembourg, Copenhagen and Istanbul.

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Visual Arts

Creative artistry is taught throughout the programme of inquiry, giving students the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of materials and dimensions and giving rise to a series of exhibitions and displays during the course of the year. There are numerous excursions to local galleries and museums to reinforce concepts. The programme establishes a balance between skills-based art sessions across a diverse range of media and sessions focused on creative development.

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