Arts Week 2017

Held from Tuesday, 14 November to Thursday, 16 November, 2017. Performances in music and drama with a visual arts exhibition and drawing workshops

14-16 November 2017

Night One - Arts Week 2017 kicked off in style with the Jazz band, lovely as always to hear Mikayla sing. Thomas moved from the piano to behind the microphone and showcased the voice he has been hiding. Unfortunately it was the last arts show for our grade 12's Nao, Willemijn and Nils. Joining the Jazz band were the middle school woodwind band who entertained us with their own performance. Throughout the evening we enjoyed music from our grade 9 students who have been making their own compositions of well-known songs. They are a talented bunch! Our favourite rock band from the Band-Aid service learning group treat us to some of the songs they have been working on. Throughout the evening we say minimalist music from the grade 10's - these musical pieces were set to videos the students had created for the purpose. The evening was rounded off with a beautiful performance from the Riverside Singers, it was lovely to see some returning faces as well as some new ones.

Night Two - It was delightful to see the Wengen String orchestra at the high school entertaining us.  They played a wild west medley featuring some very well known movie songs and their very own version of Gangnam Style.  The Sinfonia continued the well-known movie music with Jurassic Park and also played Night on the Bare Mountain.  Throughout the evening we enjoyed performances by grade 9 students performing duologues.  We saw more grade 10 minimalist compositions and videos, the grade 9's continued to impress with their own version of songs.   This evening was a full program we again saw our favourite rock band play and were delighted to see how our IB music students are progressing.   The AMIS Boys choir impressed with their performance.   The grade 11 drama students demonstrated NOH theatre with drums and fans, this was really different and interesting.  Just after the interval, the audience were invited to join for a line dancing demonstration, it was great to see dance performances from our grade 9 PE students.

Night Three - The turn of the Visual Arts.  The exhibition showcased the excellent talent that we have across all grades at ISZL.  It was amazing to see such a wide variety of media being used.   Sculptures, drawings, paintings - everything was represented.    Not only was the Art Factory being used this evening to display art but also to make art.  While we were enjoying the artworks the students were participating in a live drawing class, as ever it was great to talk to our students and hear how passionate they are about their work.   Under the expert guidance of their art teachers and the visiting artist Clare Allan, it was delightful to see the sketches progress throughout the evening.   Once again across this week it has been amazing to see the talent that our students have and the work that they produce.   Very much looking forward to the summer arts shows.