flexiblE Programmes SUPPORTING EVERY Individual's Needs

At ISZL, learning is both a personalised and holistic experience. Driven by the latest educational research, our programmes support the achievement and
success of all students. Students at ISZL experience a broad, balanced and challenging programme in the wonderful environment of Central Switzerland which builds conceptual understandings and critical thinking, preparing students for a bright future.

ISZL is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and one of only three in Switzerland to offer all four IB programmes. We also provide Advanced Placement, BTEC and ISZL courses to ensure all students have the opportunity to create a personalised programme which best supports their learning. All of our courses aim to develop students who are successful, internationally-minded, creative and environmentally responsible individuals.

Learning at ISZL is framed around inquiry and developing deep understandings of the world from early years through to graduation. We are also committed to a rich language experience for all students which supports and develops both first languages and foreign languages throughout the school.

Our programmes balance academic and personal development for our students. We believe that by encouraging students to interact with their communities, both in Switzerland and beyond, their compassion and sense of communal responsibility is developed.

ISZL Learner Outcomes

ISZL maintains a school-wide continuum of subject-specific goals and strategies termed Strands and Learner Outcomes for each grade level. These learner outcomes are organised through broad strands of content, concepts and skills that students should achieve at each grade level. These content areas include Arts, English, Languages (German, French, and Spanish), Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Education, Personal Social Health Education, Science and Technology.

View the Learner Outcomes through our Online Database.

Learning by Division