Continuity of Learning Plan

ENSURING Our Learning Continues

ISZL Continuity of Learning Plan


All learning is now on campus and has been since the autumn term of 2021. However, should things change, our Continuity of Learning Plan lays the foundation for learning away from our campuses. It describes ISZL’s approach to at-home learning; the channels we will use for communication; the technology systems we will employ by division; guidelines for how parents can support each child's learning; and considerations tailored to make the best of challenging circumstances.

In 2021 it was updated to take account of changing technologies and continued building of best practice. 

At the core of our school's approach to at-home learning is the belief that we should think differently about our priorities when responding to challenging circumstances, and we should embrace new opportunities for students to learn in authentic, meaningful ways. Whether our campuses are open or closed, the mission at ISZL remains the same:

We are a community of learners determined to make the world – or our corner of it – a better, kinder place. We reflect our values in everything we do so that we make the most of opportunities and challenges in a spirit of enthusiastic inquiry.

This plan is informed by a cohort of international schools working together to ensure we all continue to support our children’s learning, regardless of circumstance. Thank you to our colleagues at the American International School of Japan, Yokohama International School and UWCSEA Singapore for sharing their experiences and resources.