High School



Updated on 29 May 2020

Please find below information regarding the learning programme in High School for the remainder of the school year.

When will my child be at school?

A bespoke and nuanced schedule has been developed for each child for the remaining 3 weeks of school. It has been designed:

  • to provide as much continuity as possible of each child's existing schedule, in order to minimise disruption; 
  • to enable each and every subject class to have one face-to-face lesson; and
  • to maximise the face-to-face time for each child, within the necessary health and safety restrictions.

Your teenagers will be guided through their personalised timetables via their homeroom teachers in the coming days. In general:

  • Grade 9: on campus on 3, 4 (afternoon only) & 5 June / 9 June / 15 June / 18 June
  • Grade 10: on campus on 8 June / 12 June / 16-18 June
  • Grade 11: on campus on 10 June / 15-17 & 19 June

What will students be doing on campus?

The final face-to-face lessons of the year will focus on the following:

  • Completing any units of study.
  • Checking in on progress.
  • Celebrating the year.
  • Reflecting on learning.
  • Using any school facilities that students have been unable to access (eg science labs).
  • Grade 10 only: distributing summer reading textbooks.
  • Grade 11 only: completing in-class assessments and looking ahead to next year.

What will being in school look and feel like?

Things will be a little different. In the diagram above you can see the new health and safety precautions that we have put in place. 

Will my child have end-of-year exams?

That will depend on your child's grade level:

  • Grades 9 and 10: No.
  • Grade 11 IB1: No, however there are assessments, either online or face-to-face, during scheduled lessons in some subjects.
  • Grade 11 High School Programme: No.

Are there opportunities for activities and other experiences?

Yes. The EagleFit programme will be available on several mornings and afternoon. Students may sign-up for these optional sessions. In addition, we are arranging for several service groups to meet on the afternoon of 16 June.

What if my child can’t come into school, for whatever reason?

Students will be able to video-conference into lessons. Note that attendance will be taken daily during the homeroom check-in or first lesson on campus.