Early Years Voices

At ISZL we aim to give our youngest learners the best start on their educational journey. To give you some insights into our work with children we have developed a series of short interviews with our Early Years expert team. You can hear from them about the importance of social development, how we work with multilingual families and our approach to Literacy, Maths and German language learning in the Early Years.

Social Development

Dr. Michelle Hill talks about the importance of community and how social learning facilitates learning processes at Early Years. She shares what children learn through the development of their social skills and highlights the importance of a positive parent-teacher relationship for children’s learning. 


Sarah Osborne shares her thoughts about the importance of oral language and how speaking and listening underpins literacy learning in the Early Years. She also highlights the benefits for children of developing imagination and empathy through literacy.


Hear from Neil McCallion about the importance of developing children’s understanding about Mathematics and how our Early Years team supports childrens’ interest and confidence through an inquiry approach.


Dr. Lorna Caputo, who works with ISZL families to develop language goals, shares her thoughts about global citizenship and intercultural learning. She points out the importance of honouring childrens’ cultural heritage as well as their first language. You can also learn about how ISZL works with families to support children’s development and love of language learning.


Grainne McFadden-Rohan shares some insights about our commitment to German language learning and the many links to the Swiss community we develop through the exploration of traditions and celebrations.