Discover the Early Years Community

ISZL’s Early Years Programme is designed to give our youngest learners (age 3-6) the best start on their educational journey. We offer the IB Primary Years Programme, which is accredited as one of the most advanced international educational programmes.

Being part of the Early Years Community at ISZL provides children with the foundation for academic success and enables them to enjoy their learning now and in their future.

What makes our Early Years Community special?


1. Experts in the field of Early Childhood Education

Our team of highly qualified and experienced educators are supported in their work by our team of Assistant Teachers and specialist teachers including an Early Years German Teacher, Music teacher and PE teacher along with a Teacher Librarian. Learning is also supported by our Early Years Educational Technology Coach.


2. Focused on the unique needs of our young learners

We are committed to understanding the uniqueness of every child and aim to provide the sense of security and belonging children need to enjoy their learning now and in their future.


3. Personalised Approach and Connection

We have a deep connection with our children and families. We cultivate effective internal and external communication and engagement to connect our community.


4. International Community

We pride on an outstanding and vibrant community of international families. ISZL connects students to a greater world around them with a special focus on the Swiss community, language and culture.


5. German lessons and Multilingualism

German language is an integral part of the  Early Years curriculum, encouraging integration with the Swiss community. For children from non-English speaking backgrounds, we offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) support.

Why choose the International School of Zug and Luzern for your child?

When you choose ISZL, you are choosing an established school in Central Switzerland with a reputation in the international school community for best practice in Early Childhood Education.  ISZL’s Early Years Community is open and welcoming, fostering a deep sense of wellbeing for all of our families.  Our highly qualified educators personalise teaching to meet the needs of all learners at each step along their learning journey, through engaging and meaningful experiences that lay the foundations for future learning. Parents are seen as partners in their child’s education and we work with them in an atmosphere of collaboration and trust.


Would you like to learn more?

We are delighted to share with you more information about joining our Early Years Community.

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