Educational Technology


deepening and enhancing the learning process

Technology plays a very significant and growing role in our daily lives. Preparing students to be successful in their lives and society in general necessarily involves helping them to be able to use technology in supporting and extending their learning. The ISZL educational technology vision statement captures our belief in the vital role that technology plays in teaching and learning and provides direction for our programme:



We embrace technology as a crucial tool for teaching, learning and inquiring that empowers students to think critically and creatively, to collaborate and communicate, thereby supporting the ISZL Mission statement in promoting academic achievement and preparing students to thrive in a global society.

Teachers and students throughout the school use educational technology in developmentally appropriate ways to deepen and enhance the learning process and to promote the development of responsible digital citizenship and information literacy. Educational technology use is authentically embedded within our curriculum in relevant and meaningful ways.

Educational Technology Coaches support teachers throughout the school to meaningfully use educational technology when they plan, teach, assess and reflect on the curriculum. They achieve this using a variety of methods from working one-on-one with teachers and teams, running professional development sessions, co-teaching and working directly with students.

Teachers and students have access to a wide range of educational technology resources and online tools operating within a modern, reliable, school-wide wireless network supported and maintained by a responsive technical support team. Our community-wide Schoology learning environment and the ISZL Google Suite, are key tools in supporting learning, communication and collaboration at ISZL.



Educational Technology at ISZL

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