Middle School | Ages 11 - 14

Overcoming challenges and developing skills

Welcome to Middle School - home to approximately 300 students from ages 11 to 14. Following the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate, ISZL offers a student-centred holistic curriculum that provides an opportunity for students to connect their learning to the real world and develop their intercultural understanding.

In addition to a full range of subjects, all students also take part in a wide range of academic opportunities beyond the classroom including a European based residential week, major stage productions, sporting and creative opportunities and a wide range of other activities.

Middle School in Depth

Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School follows the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate. The MYP at ISZL strives for passionate, emotional, and intellectual growth in each and every student. Holistically driven, concept based, and skill oriented, our middle years programme seeks to prepare students by building foundational knowledge and creative problem solving skills. It is our aim that students improve themselves, their school and create a better society for all.

ISZL’s approach to teaching and learning in the Middle Years Programme (age 11 - 16) is a student-centred holistic curriculum that provides an opportunity for students to connect their learning to the real world and develop their intercultural understanding. In their eight subject areas (which include two languages) students engage in conceptual learning and develop a breadth and depth of learning as they acquire knowledge, understandings and skills. Students are taught how to manage and evaluate their own learning, and acquire skills in collaboration, research and critical and creative thinking. As well as learning through enquiry, students engage in service learning which allow students to participate in local and global communities. Students are able to demonstrate and integrate their learning through a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities, projects and assessments.

Our Teaching Team

A Wealth of Experience

ISZL has highly-qualified and internationally experienced educators dedicated to the Middle School:

  • Our teachers have a wealth of teaching experience, at minimum they hold a university degree in Education and receive on-going professional development.
  • Art, Music, Physical Education and Reading are taught by specialist teachers in learning environments dedicated to their subject.
  • An in-house Speech Therapist, Counsellor and Learning Support Team are available to provide support should there be a requirement.
  • Dedicated, full-time Curriculum Coordinator and Assistant Principal oversee the programme.

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Meet the Leadership

Stuart Byfield

Stuart Byfield

Principal, Middle School
Peter LaFrance

Peter LaFrance

Middle School Asstt. Principal

Student Life

Opportunities to experience more

ISZL is a haven rich in the Arts and Athletics as well as student clubs and activities. Our campuses are nestled in the surrounding hills and forests of central Switzerland, a place that provides further opportunity for students to explore concepts linked to the natural environment and to reflect on their responsibility for its sustainability, while learning about themselves.

Whether engaging in after school programmes, organised athletic events, musical and dramatic performances or summer camps, our students thrive on these elevated opportunities to do, learn and experience more.

  • Arts
  • Athletics
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Holiday Camps
  • Personal Development Week

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    Student Services

    Maximising your child's potential

    At ISZL we believe that support needs to be available to students in a number of areas, including academic, health, social and emotional. In all of these areas ISZL has trained staff to support students in order that our learners achieve their best in all aspects of school. We believe that students need to be healthy and feel safe, secure and comfortable in their environment in order to maximise their potential as learners.

    Facilities and Resources

    Well resourced

    The Middle School programme at ISZL is located on our Zug campus and offers the following amenities:

    • Dedicated, state-of-the-art building with panoramic views of the surrounding forest and farmland
    • Large outdoor areas, including a student managed vegetable garden and piazza
    • Colourful and inviting classrooms with Smartboards and other interactive technology
    • Access to additional technology resources (digital cameras, iPads, video and audio recorders)
    • Well resourced library with frequent events and book fairs
    • State-of-the-art theatre for assemblies and performances
    • Two indoor gyms, including a climbing wall
    • On-site Nurses during school hours
    • School bus transportation services
    • Hot Lunch Service

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    Educational Technology


    As adults, we use the programme or device that best suits our needs. We teach children this same concept. Our students use a variety of devices to support their learning. This includes tablets, laptops, and interactive whiteboards. We also teach students how to be safe in an online environment.

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    School Day and Hours

    School Hours

    8:50 Homeroom Lessons Begin
    15:30 School Day Ends
    15:40 After School Clubs Begin
    17:00 After School Clubs End

    A Day in the Life

    Middle School life begins officially in homerooms at 8:50, however many of our students are in the Baarburg (The Middle School building) before this- organising materials for the day in the locker area and meeting friends on their grade level floor.

    After the initial homeroom period where student’s attendance is taken and the daily bulletin is shared, the day is made up of 7 periods of around 45 minutes long along with a morning break and a time set aside for lunch break.

    For the majority of lessons students move to meet the subject specific teachers as a homeroom group; languages are the key area where students move in different groups dependent on their language choices.

    Students are taught following the International Baccalaureate Organisation’s Middle Years Programme, working with teachers through units of study in each of their subject areas. Whilst working within single subjects with specialist teachers, we work to provide real world, contextual understanding across the subject areas – the aim is not to study the subjects in isolation but to offer students opportunities to make connections across the curriculum. Our students study and are graded on Literature & Language, Mathematics, Science, Individuals & Societies, Language Acquisition, The Arts, Physical Health Education and Design classes. In addition, we also have a comprehensive Personal, Social, Health Education programme, incorporating a service learning component alongside study areas pertinent to the Middle Years age group and also a musical instrument programme that all of our students take part in.

    Whilst the compulsory day finishes at 15:30, the majority of our students take part in our clubs and activities programme after school. They could be representing the school on the soccer or softball field, the athletics track or basketball court, or perhaps enjoying time with fellow students at the climbing club, debating in our Model United Nations or stretching in a pilates session.

    A day in Middle School life is engaging, challenging and offers opportunity for students to develop passions and interests at a time of great change in their lives.

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