About Our Programme

At ISZL, we believe that physical activity is necessary for the maintenance of the health and fitness of the students. The athletics programme highlights development of a students’ physical skills, their cooperative interaction with others, and the discovery and understanding of themselves and their limits. Physical Education is a compulsory part of the curriculum for students in the Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme.

In the lower years, organised events such as Games Day and Sports Day are planned for students in addition to numerous indoor and outdoor planned sports and activities. Swimming lessons are scheduled on a regular basis at pools near the Zug Campus.

In the Middle School, extracurricular sports include soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, skiing, track and field, volleyball, softball and golf. Students also are encouraged to participate in recreational clubs that focus on climbing, running, uni-hockey and yoga.

At the High School, competitive sports include soccer, volleyball, rugby, basketball, swimming, skiing, track and field, tennis, softball and golf. Numerous clubs are also organised seasonally and include sailing, kayaking, running, fitness, dance and yoga.

Students at ISZL participate in a range of after-school sports and clubs. These activities provide an opportunity for students to have fun together and to make new friends. Many of the activities are offered to a range of grade levels. All clubs run after-school unless otherwise specified.


The Fall Season of after-school sports and activities begins on 26 August (2nd September for Primary)

Registration for all ISZL sports and activities opens around noon on Monday 19 August and closes at 12 noon on Friday 23 August. Registration preferences are collected via an online platform which can be accessed via the link below.

The log-in page includes a link to reset your password in case it has been forgotten. Parents of children who have had children enrolled at the school from the start of the year have already been provided with login details. New families that have more recently joined the school will receive their usernames and passwords just before the registrations open on 19 August.

For our high school students, they are able to register themselves for sports and activities. Parents are also able to login to the system to view the available activities, but registrations must be completed by the students themselves.

If you have problems logging in you may contact one of the following administrators:

Primary-School Division:
Middle-School Division:
High-School Division:

You may submit your registration preferences via the following link:

tutorial is attached which explains the process in more detail.


Sports Booster Club

The ISZL Sports Booster Club is a non-profit, parent-led, volunteer organisation that supports our competitive sports teams. The Booster Club promotes sporting events, runs concession stands and raises funds for our athletes and teams.

Our Booster Club heightens ISZL's school spirit, establishes sports traditions and increases the involvement of students and parents at our games and events. Through these efforts, the Booster Club helps our athletes excel and enjoy their athletics experience.

Our Coaches

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Kris Augustine

Titles: Learning Support, Track and Field Team

Taryn Berghuis

Titles: Learning Support Teacher, Swim Team

Bree Berisha Campbell

Titles: Class teacher, Badminton

Derek Blackmore

Titles: English Teacher, JV Girls Basketball

Marguerite Bonner

Elodie Bouyer

Titles: French and Spanish Teacher

Stephen Boyd

Titles: MS Maths & Science Teacher, Soccer

Lucy Browett

Titles: HS Spanish

Philip Bruce

Titles: Assistant Principal, Academic

Ryan Burchart

Titles: Primary School Teacher, Ski Team

Davide Caputo

Titles: Teacher, Riverside Campus

Laura Carlson

Titles: PSGrade 3 Team Leader

Mark Chesterfield

Titles: Swimming Instructor

Sara Collingwood

Titles: German Primary Teacher, Swim Club

John Dalesio

Titles: Maths Teacher, Varsity Girls Basketball

James Darley

Titles: Primary School Teacher, Indoor Soccer

Ian Davidson

Titles: Art Teacher, Riverside Campus

Pauline Davidson

Titles: Counsellor (Social & Emotional), JV Girls Volleyball

Anna Davies

Titles: Math Teacher (MS)

Marie-Pierre Debiton

Titles: Languages, Volleyball

David Edwards

Titles: Primary Teacher, Soccer

Hans Engl

Titles: Athletics Director

Michael FitzGerald

Titles: Language Teacher, Zug Campus

Miriam Friedmann

Titles: German Teacher

Steve Giraudo

Titles: EAL Teacher, Indoor Soccer

Peter Gorkiewicz

Titles: Math Teacher, Riverside Campus, Ski Team

Victoria Gorman

Titles: PE Teacher, Boys Basketball "A" Team, Girls Volleyball "A" Team

Linda Graham

Titles: Grade 5 Class Teacher, Cross-country Club

Lee Gregory

Titles: Grade 1 Class Teacher

Becky Hamilton

Titles: Zug Campus Strings Teacher

Marie Harris

Titles: Classroom Teacher

Christina Haupt

Titles: High School Art Teacher

John Hay

Titles: EAL Teacher

Tobias Hock

Titles: High School Teacher, JV Boys Soccer

Frans Hoofwijk

Titles: PE Teacher, Soccer

Beverley Hope

Titles: German Teacher, Track and Field Team

Julie Hubbard

Titles: Middle School Teacher

Katie Hugen

Titles: Classroom Teacher, Track and Field Team

Karin Isch

Titles: Science Technician, Riverside Campus, Soccer