social and emotional stability and resilience

The ISZL Counselling Team is committed to following best practices to empower students to discover and achieve their potential as lifelong learners. ISZL Counsellors promote a positive school climate through a holistic and responsive programme in support of the current and future well being of ISZL students.

Teachers at ISZL understand the need for students to have social and emotional stability and resilience. Our students are treated respectfully in safe and secure educational settings so that they can maximise their learning potential. ISZL campuses have counsellors on their staff who are trained to support the needs of students with behavioural, social or emotional needs that affect their ability to operate successfully in school.

ISZL Counsellors also support the academic programme by providing input into classes where their expertise enhances the delivery of the topic. All students belong to homeroom classes (Primary and Middle School) or tutor groups (High School) where homeroom teachers or tutors provide students with care and support as necessary.

Meet Our Team

Stephany Herzog

Stephany Herzog

Counsellor, Zug Campus

Erin Tewsley

Erin Tewsley

Counsellor, Riverside Campus

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